9 Best AI Tools For College Students In 2024

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Nowadays it has become very easy to acquire knowledge. You will find many online platforms where you can gain knowledge easily and for free. As always in this AI world, there are many AI tools that can help you solve questions, quizzes, homework, assignments, communication skills, etc.

In this article we have come up with 9 best AI tools for college students that will help you in your college journey like Mathly will help you solve maths problems, QuizGecko for quizzes, Brainly for homework, Wolfram Alpha for Q&A and much more.

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List Of 9 Best AI Tools For College Students In 2024

  • Best AI for Math – Mathly
  • Best AI for Essay Improvement – Grammarly
  • Explore AI Model – Open AI Playground
  • Best AI for Chatbot – ChatGPT
  • Best AI for Quiz – QuizGecko
  • Best AI Tools For Homework – Brainly
  • Best AI Tool For Q&A – Wolfram Alpha
  • Best AI Tool for Communication Skill –
  • Best AI Tool for Work Plan –

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Best AI Tool For Math – Mathly

Best AI for Math solving Mathly
Source – Mathly AI tools for college students

Mathly is a free AI homework helper that solves math problems by just taking a photo. It will provide step-by-step solutions and explanations based on your learning style.

It can also generate follow-up questions and practice problems to check understanding and generate similar problems for free for better understanding.

Whether you need help with algebra, calculus, or geometry, Mathly is here to make learning math smarter, better, and faster. Try it now for personalized math help!

Step-by-step solutionsReceive detailed solutions to math problems, including explanations for each step.
Generate follow-up questionsAfter solving a problem, get additional questions to further test understanding.
Practice problemsAccess a variety of practice problems to reinforce learning and improve skills.
Free pricingThe tool is available for free, making it accessible to all users.
Contact developers for supportYou can reach out to the developers for assistance or feedback on the tool.
Early accessYou can access the tool for early access, providing an opportunity to experience its benefits before its full release.
Practice problemsEngage in practice problems across various math topics to enhance skills and mastery.
Mathly AI tools for college students

Best AI For Essay Improvement – Grammarly

Grammarly review
Source – Grammarly AI tools for college students

We all are familiar with Grammarly tools which help in grammar checking. It is a cloud-based writing assistant that enhances your writing by correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and tone.

It offers advanced features like AI-powered rewrite tools to improve vocabulary and clarity. It works seamlessly across a variety of apps, including Microsoft Word and Outlook, providing real-time feedback and suggestions.

Grammarly Writing AssistantA cloud-based tool that assists with improving spelling, grammar, tone, and style in writing.
Proofreading and EditingCan proofread and edit documents online, in MS Word, or on Outlook, providing suggestions for improvements in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style.
Plagiarism DetectionCapable of detecting plagiarism and suggesting replacements for identified errors.
Corrects Commonly Confused WordsIdentifies and corrects commonly confused words used in the wrong context, such as “affect” and “effect”.
Flags Complex Grammar and PunctuationFlags and fixes complex grammar and punctuation issues like sentence fragments, comma splices, and subject-verb disagreement.
AI-Powered Rewrite ToolEnhances vocabulary, spell checks words, and improves writing by providing alternative versions of text.
Available in Various AppsCan be used in various applications, including emails, social media posts, text messages, and more.
GenAI for Writing ImprovementAllows you to select text and generate new versions using generative AI, providing options to shorten, add description, sound more confident, and more.
Real-Time FeedbackOffers real-time feedback to help you strike the right tone and broaden their vocabulary, making messages, social media posts, or emails more impactful.
Improves Communication SkillsHelps you improve their communication skills by understanding and avoiding mistakes, and providing tools and guidance for writing improvement.
Grammarly AI tools for college students

Explore AI Model – Open AI Playground

OpenAI GPT-3 Playground
Source – OpenAI Playground AI tools for college students

OpenAI Playground is a web-based tool that lets you explore and experiment with AI models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 without coding. It offers documentation, tutorials, and examples, making it easy to understand and use different models.

While mostly free, it has a time limit, and additional credits may need to be purchased after the free credits expire or are used up. It’s ideal for technical research and development, allowing you to fine-tune models with custom data sets and develop machine learning applications.

Exploration of AI ModelsYou can explore various AI models, access documentation, tutorials, and examples on how to use them effectively.
Testing PlatformThe platform serves as a testing ground for code outputs before releasing them into the marketplace, ensuring quality and functionality.
PricingOpenAI Playground is mostly free, with a time limit and a set number of free credits. Additional credits can be purchased if needed.
Word Output LimitThe most expensive model allows the AI to produce around 650,000 words.
Web-Based ToolThe Playground is accessible via the web, making it convenient for you to test prompts and interact with AI models without coding.
Prompt-Based InteractionUsers provide prompts in plain English, allowing them to utilize GPT-3, GPT-4, and other models without writing code.
Technical Research and DevelopmentGeared towards technical research and development, enabling experimentation with different machine learning models and customization with custom datasets.
No Coding RequiredYou can interact with AI models without needing to write code, simplifying the process of exploring and testing various models.
Experimentation and Fine-TuningAllows you to experiment with different parameters, datasets, and configurations to optimize model performance for specific tasks and applications.
OpenAI Playground AI tools for college students

Best AI For Chatbot – ChatGPT

ChatGPT AI tools for college students
Source – ChatGPT AI tools for college students

I’m sure you know about ChatGPT and have used it before. Billions of users take the help of ChatGPT in their daily lives.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to engage in human conversations and assist with various tasks.

It can answer questions, compose essays and emails, write code, and do many other tasks. Free to use, ChatGPT provides a versatile tool to make everyday tasks more efficient and manageable.

FunctionalityChatGPT can answer questions, tell stories, write web code, compose articles, social media posts, essays, code, and emails, as well as help with tasks and conceptualize complicated topics.
CustomizationYou can refine and steer conversations towards desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language.
Writing CapabilitiesChatGPT can write essays, create apps, write code, build resumes, write Excel formulas, summarize content, write cover letters, start Etsy businesses, and write Arduino drivers.
AI TechnologyPowered by natural language processing and AI technology, ChatGPT simulates human-like conversations and can perform various tasks.
Free to UseChatGPT is available for free, regardless of the purpose for which it is used, including writing, coding, and other tasks.
ChatGPT AI tools for college students

Best AI For Quiz – QuizGecko

QuizGecko AI tool for college students
Source – QuizGecko AI tools for college students

Quizgecko is a web-based tool that employs AI to generate quizzes from text or URLs, offering multiple question types including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank.

It caters to businesses, teachers, and students, allowing easy quiz creation and sharing. The tool offers customization options, auto-grading, feedback, and performance measurement features to enhance learning and engagement.

Quiz CreationGenerate quizzes, tests, and exams using AI from any text, document, or URL, with support for multiple question types.
User BaseSuitable for businesses, teachers, and students, with teachers able to try the tool without creating an account.
Learning EnhancementAnalyze responses to quizzes to improve learning outcomes.
AI-Powered Quiz GenerationUtilize artificial intelligence to transform content into quizzes, complete with answers and explanations, from various file types.
Question TypesCreate multiple choice, true or false, short answer essay, matching, and fill-in-the-blank style questions.
CustomizationCustomize quizzes and exams according to specific requirements, including setting time limits, randomizing questions, and more.
Ease of SharingShare quizzes and tests easily with team members or students, assign quizzes with due dates and time limits, and export or embed quizzes in various platforms.
Performance MeasurementAccess reports and statistics to understand individual and group performance, with auto-grading functionality for short answer questions and AI-powered feedback.
Smart ReportsView smart analytics reports to track performance and identify areas for improvement among employees or students.
QuizGecko AI tools for college students

Best AI Tools For Homework – Brainly

Brainly AI tool for college students
Source – Brainly AI tools for college students

Brainly is an education platform offering homework help for students and parents through a knowledge-sharing community. It provides AI-powered solutions for various school subjects, including math, with expert-verified answers.

You can access 24/7 support, use a math scanner for quick solutions, or chat with tutors for one-on-one assistance. Additional features include Brainly Tutor for real-time help and Brainly Plus for ad-free access to the math solver.

Homework Help PlatformBrainly offers homework help for students and parents, providing a knowledge-sharing community where students and experts collaborate to solve homework problems.
AI-Powered PlatformUtilizes AI technology to power its platform, with a large knowledge base covering all school subjects and grades.
Math Problem SolverOffers assistance with math problems in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus, providing correct and expert-verified answers.
Accessibility and ConvenienceProvides 24/7 access to school homework assistance through the app, allowing users to get help anytime and anywhere.
Expert-Vetted AnswersAnswers are verified daily by a team of subject experts and moderators to ensure accuracy and reliability.
Math Camera ScannerAllows you to ask questions by taking a picture with the math camera scanner feature, enabling quick and convenient problem submission.
Community of ExpertsBoasts over 350 million online study buddies ready to help, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
Brainly AI tools for college students

Best AI Tool For Q&A – Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha AI tools for college students
Source – Wolfram Alpha AI tools for college students

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine offering factual answers sourced from external data. It provides a wide range of mathematical operations, including polynomial solving and equation systems.

With a free version available for personal use, subscription to Wolfram Alpha Pro offers enhanced features and ad-free browsing. It also offers tools for weather forecasting, financial analysis, trivia, fitness, and entertainment, making it a versatile tool for various purposes.

Computational Knowledge EngineWolfram Alpha answers factual queries by computing answers from externally sourced data.
Mathematical CapabilitiesPerforms tasks such as finding polynomial roots, solving systems of equations, factoring polynomials, plotting solution sets and inequalities, and more.
Mathematical OperationsExcels at a wide range of mathematical operations, from basic arithmetic to complex calculus and linear algebra.
Self-Assessment TutorOffers a self-assessment tutor with steps and hints to guide you from problems to answers.
Versatile ComputationComputes various queries, including identifying flights overhead, retrieving weather information, providing movie details, offering financial insights, and more.
Unit Conversion and MeasurementsCalculates units and measurements, such as the number of seconds in a nanocentury.
Trivia and FunProvides trivia answers and fun queries, such as the number of tennis balls that can fit in a Boeing 747 or telling jokes.
Nutritional and Fitness InformationOffers nutritional information, fitness calculators, and running calculators for health-related inquiries.
Wolfram Alpha AI tools for college students

Best AI Tool For Communication Skill –

Poised AI tools for college students
Source – Poised AI tools for college students

Poised AI is a free, AI-powered communication coach designed to help you speak confidently and clearly during online meetings. It provides real-time feedback on factors like energy, filler words, and confidence levels.

It also offers retrospective feedback, personalized lesson plans, and works seamlessly with various platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Communication CoachingPoised AI is a free, AI-powered communication coach designed to help you speak with confidence and clarity.
Personalized FeedbackOffers personalized feedback on online meetings, focusing on factors like energy, filler words, talk time, confidence, and expressions.
Skill ImprovementHelps you to improve your communication skills, especially for those who are afraid of making mistakes during conversations.
Real-Time and Retrospective FeedbackProvides real-time feedback during meetings to help you course correct your speech and achieve communication goals.
Educational ContentAccess curated educational content and receive personalized lesson plans from experts to enhance communication skills.
CompatibilityWorks seamlessly with various online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, among others.
Poised AI tools for college students

Best AI Tool For Work Plan –

Mem AI tools for college students
Source – Mem AI tools for college students is a web-based note-taking app powered by AI, designed to help you organize your work and ideas. It captures notes, links, emails, and calendar events to create a personal knowledge base.

Mem AI can understand and connect your notes, assisting in organization and memory recall. With features like Mem Spotlight and AI-driven assistance, it enhances productivity by allowing you to ask questions and generate content from your notes.

Note-Taking is a web-based, AI-powered note-taking application designed to help you organize your work by capturing ideas, taking notes, and organizing them into a personal knowledge base.
AI-Powered AssistanceMem understands and saves the information provided by you, assisting in connecting, organizing, and remembering important details.
Content CreationYou can ask questions and craft content from all their notes within Mem, leveraging the capabilities of the AI-powered knowledge assistant.
AI Thought PartnerBeyond chat functionality, Mem serves as an AI thought partner, allowing you to serendipitously discover past ideas, search with ease, and generate content from their saved knowledge.
Mem AI tools for college students

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