7 Best AI Tools For Copywriting In 2024

Whether you are a writer, news writer, blogger, freelancer, creator etc. The demand for copywriting is always high. Everyone needs quality content that can attract users.

For this, in this article you will learn about 7 best AI tools for copywriting that will help you write quality content and save your golden hours so that you can do other work during this period.

7 best AI tools for copywriting include ChatGPT and Jasper which is a famous AI platform for copywriting, Writesonic and CopyAI also provide you free plans & SEO optimized content and some other AI tools which are best in copywriting .

Additionally, we have also included some important questions like Is AI Copywriting Legit? Is copywriting a good career in India? And some related questions.

These AI tools possess the following characteristics;

  • SEO Friendly
  • Human Language
  • Easy to Understand
  • Grammatically Correct
  • Contextually Relevant

Before that let’s understand a bit about AI copywriting, benefits, use cases etc.

Let’s Get Started…

What Is AI Copywriting?

What is AI copywriting?
AI Copywriting

AI copywriting refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate written content, such as advertisements, marketing materials, product descriptions, blog posts, social media descriptions and more.

AI copywriting tools are designed to understand human language patterns and generate text that is coherent, grammatically correct, and contextually relevant.

These tools use algorithms, machine learning, and large language databases to create content that mimics human writing styles and can save time for writers and marketers.

AI copywriting tools can assist in generating content quickly, improving productivity, and providing suggestions to enhance the quality of written material.

Who Can Benefit From AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting can benefit a wide range of individuals and businesses:

  1. Content Marketers: AI tools can help content marketers generate a large volume of high-quality content for various platforms, saving time and effort.
  2. E-commerce Businesses: AI-generated product descriptions, ad copy, and marketing content can help e-commerce businesses showcase their products effectively and drive sales.
  3. Bloggers: Bloggers can use AI to generate engaging and relevant blog posts, saving time and ensuring a consistent flow of content.
  4. Social Media Managers: AI can assist in creating catchy and impactful captions, hashtags, and posts for social media platforms.
  5. Digital Marketers: AI-generated content can support digital marketers in crafting compelling ad copy, email campaigns, and landing page content.
  6. Small Business Owners: AI tools provide an affordable way for small businesses to create professional and persuasive content without hiring additional staff.
  7. Copywriters: Copywriters can use AI as a starting point for their work, generating ideas and drafts that they can then refine and customize.
  8. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can use AI to create content for their websites, pitch decks, and promotional materials, helping them establish a strong online presence.
  9. Non-profit Organizations: AI-generated content can aid non-profits in crafting impactful messages for fundraising campaigns and awareness efforts.
  10. Language Learners: AI-generated content can provide language learners with examples of correct sentence structures and vocabulary usage.
  11. Educators: AI-generated content can be used by educators to create learning materials and resources for their students.

In essence, anyone looking to streamline content creation, enhance their online presence, and save time can benefit from AI copywriting tools.

Best Practices For AI Copywriting

Using AI for copywriting can be highly effective when approached with a few best practices:

  1. Clearly Define Your Goal: Know what you want to achieve with the content. Whether it’s increasing sales, engagement, or awareness, having a clear goal will guide the AI’s output.
  2. Provide Clear Instructions: AI tools work based on the input they receive. Be specific in your instructions, including details like tone, style, and target audience.
  3. Edit and Customize: While AI-generated content is a great starting point, don’t forget to add your personal touch. Edit, refine, and customize the content to align with your brand’s voice.
  4. Proofread: AI may not catch all grammatical errors. Always proofread the content before publishing to ensure correctness and coherence.
  5. Test and Optimize: If you’re using AI for ads or marketing campaigns, test multiple versions and analyze which performs best. Continuously optimize based on the results.
  6. Maintain Originality: AI tools can sometimes produce generic content. Ensure that the content is original and stands out from the competition.
  7. Stay Relevant: AI doesn’t understand current events or trends as well as humans. Always ensure that the content is relevant and up-to-date.
  8. Avoid Overuse: While AI can generate a lot of content, don’t solely rely on it. Balance AI-generated content with genuinely human-created content.
  9. Understand Limitations: AI tools have limitations. They might not understand highly specialized or nuanced topics as well as humans do.
  10. Compliance and Ethics: Ensure that AI-generated content follows ethical guidelines, respects copyright, and complies with industry regulations.
  11. Feedback Loop: Provide feedback to the AI tool. Many platforms learn and improve from user feedback, leading to better results over time.
  12. Stay Updated: AI tools are evolving. Stay updated with new features and improvements to make the most of their capabilities.

Is AI Copywriting Legit?

Yes, AI copywriting is legitimate.

AI-powered tools have made significant advancements in recent years, and they are increasingly being used by businesses, marketers, and content creators to generate various types of written content.

These tools are built upon sophisticated language models and algorithms that can understand context, grammar, and even mimic human-like writing styles.

It’s important to review, edit, and customize the AI-generated content to align it with your brand’s voice and ensure accuracy.

How Does An AI Copywriting Tool Work?

AI copywriting tools use machine learning and natural language processing to generate content like headlines and webpage copy, while also checking spelling and grammar.

They work by analyzing existing content, researching topics based on prompts, and creating unique, plagiarism-free copy.

Although they save time and costs, their output may require adjustments for factual accuracy and style, as they lack the emotional intelligence of humans.

Benefits Of Using AI Copywriting Tools

AI copywriting tools offer numerous benefits, including speed, cost-effectiveness, consistency, quality improvement, research assistance, inspiration, overcoming writer’s block, generating variations, enhancing accuracy, and providing access to advanced analytics.

These tools facilitate swift content generation, ensure messaging consistency, and can be more economical compared to hiring human writers.

Additionally, they aid in maintaining content quality, conducting research, sparking creativity, overcoming obstacles in writing, and delivering accurate and varied copy, while also offering insights through analytics.

Is Copywriting A Good Career In India?

Copywriting in India offers a lucrative career path for those with a passion for writing and creativity. With starting salaries around INR 2.5 LPA, it can quickly rise to INR 4 LPA within 2-3 years, with some companies offering as much as 20 LPA.

Additionally, freelance copywriting provides flexibility and extra income opportunities, making it an attractive option for those with other commitments.

Overall, copywriting in India is seen as a rewarding career with high earning potential and ample opportunities for remote work.

How Much Does Copywriting Pay?

According to AmbitionBox, the starting salary for copywriters in India ranges from INR 2.5 to 4 lakhs per year. With experience, this can increase substantially, with established copywriters earning between INR 5 to 15 lakhs per year or more, especially in senior roles or as freelancers.

What Are The Free Platforms To Learn Copywriting And Ghostwriting With Certificates?

Here are 5 best free platforms that offer courses and certifications. These platforms are a great way to enhance your skills, gain valuable knowledge, and even get a certificate to showcase your expertise.

  1. HubSpot Academy provides free courses covering copywriting and content creation, granting certificates upon completion.
  2. Copyblogger offers a free “Copywriting 101” course focusing on persuasive writing fundamentals, although it doesn’t provide certificates.
  3. Udemy features both paid and free courses on copywriting and ghostwriting, taught by industry professionals.
  4. Coursera collaborates with universities and organizations to offer free courses on writing, including some related to copywriting and ghostwriting, though certificates may require payment.
  5. Google Digital Garage offers free digital marketing courses with modules on copywriting, though specific certificates for copywriting aren’t provided.

Best AI Tools For Copywriting In 2024

Discover the future of writing with the best AI tools for copywriting in 2024. These smart tools use advanced technology to help you create compelling content effortlessly.

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper AI
  • Writesonic
  • CopyAI
  • Notion AI
  • Wordtune

From crafting catchy taglines to generating SEO-friendly product descriptions, these tools enhance your writing and save you time. They understand human language, maintain proper grammar, and provide contextually relevant suggestions.

While AI is a powerful ally, remember that your unique human touch still brings authenticity and emotion to your content. Embrace these AI tools to make your writing journey smoother and more creative!



ChatGPT is a smart AI language model designed by OpenAI. It knows how to write and talk just like a person does. When you chat with it, it replies like a real human would.

It learned many things from the internet, so it knows a lot. You can use ChatGPT to ask questions, get explanations, or even assist with writing.

Developers and businesses can use ChatGPT to create helpful tools and apps. People find it appealing because it communicates in a human-like manner. With ChatGPT, AI is becoming more skilled at aiding us in our everyday tasks.

ChatGPT Demo

Key Features

  • GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 model
  • Fast response speed
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Multilingual Support
  • Creativity and writing Assistance
  • Generate content ideas
  • Write SEO meta descriptions
  • Create rough outlines for blog posts
  • Write essays
  • Get ideas for your work
  • Summarize articles
  • Language translation
  • Personal assistant
  • And more

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $20/month.

Rating: 4.7/5

Jasper AI-Copywriting tools
Jasper AI-Copywriting tools

Jasper AI-copywriting is a user-friendly tool that employs AI to help with creating captivating and convincing content.

It offers helpful ideas, improves grammar and writing style, and aids in producing interesting text.

This allows you to effortlessly generate top-notch content, even if you aren’t highly experienced in writing.

Jasper Demo

Key Features

  • 50+ Templates
  • 30+ Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Free Tools Library
  • Jasper Chat
  • Brand voice & memory
  • SEO Friendly

Pricing: Paid, plans start from $49/month.

Rating: 4.7/5

Jasper Review ↗️

Writesonic AI tool review
Writesonic AI tool

Writesonic is a platform that helps you produce content that’s good for search engines and free from plagiarism. It’s a tool that uses advanced technology called GPT-4 to help you write faster and better.

You can use Writesonic to write content that’s optimized for search engines, like for your blogs or ads. It’s also useful for writing essays, creating ads for Facebook and Google, answering questions on platforms like Quora, and writing emails to promote your products or services.

This can help you get more people to click on your content, buy your products, and overall improve your online presence.

Writesonic Demo

Key Features

  • Free to use.
  • 100 Powerful features.
  • Trusted by 5,000,000+ teams, agencies and freelancers.
  • 15,000+ 5-star ratings.
  • Free Templates
  • No credit card required
  • Innovative AI writer.
  • Paraphrasing tool.
  • Sentence Expander
  • Text Summarizer
  • AI Art Generator
  • Product Description Generator
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Chatsonic – AI chat assistant
  • Photosonic – AI image generator
  • Product Name Generator
  • Call To Action Generator

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $19/month.

Rating: 4.8/5

Writesonic Review ↗️

CopyAI reviews tool

Copy AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to quickly create top-notch content. It’s like having a smart assistant that can help you write in a snap.

With Copy AI, you can make writing tasks much faster and better. It’s great for making blog posts quickly, crafting posts that attract more people, and creating emails that are more interesting. In short, it’s a tool to help you write better content in less time. Demo

Key Features

  • Write in 29+ Languages
  • 90+ content types to explore
  • 8,000,000+ professionals & teams using
  • Free account with 2,000 free words per month
  • No credit card required
  • Blog Content
  • Digital Ad Copy
  • eCommerce Copy
  • Sales Copy
  • Social Media Content
  • website Copy

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $49/month.

Rating: 4.5/5

Rytr AI copywriting tools AI is a user-friendly tool that uses AI technology to help you make really good writing. It’s easy to use and can create interesting articles, blog posts, and marketing words. This saves you time and makes your writing better. Demo

Key Features

  • 5,500,000+ happy copywriters, marketers & entrepreneurs
  • Blog Idea & Outline, Blog Section Writing
  • Brand Name Generator, Business Idea Pitch
  • Call To Action
  • Copywriting Framework: AIDA
  • Copywriting Framework: PAS
  • Write catchy and convincing Cover Letter, catchy Email
  • Write creative & original advertisement copies for social media, Google Ads.
  • Prepare thoughtful & interesting interview questions for any job, podcast, or show.
  • Create engaging job descriptions for any position to attract the best candidates.
  • Keywords Extractor, Generator
  • Create landing page, website copies, post & caption ideas, product description, bio, SEO meta title & description

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $9/month.

Rating: 4.7/5 Review ↗️

Notion AI

Notion AI Reviews
Notion AI Tool

Notion A.I is a powerful suite of AI tools that use computer magic to make your work easier. It can do things for you like making short versions of long texts, planning what to write in blogs and emails, and helping you correct mistakes in your writing.

It’s all about making your work faster and better.

Notion AI Demo

Key Features

  • Analyze meeting notes to generate next steps, instantly.
  • Write a summary in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.
  • Surface what’s important from research, sales calls & more.
  • Fix spelling & grammar.
  • Translate.
  • Edit voice & tone.
  • Make shorter or longer.
  • Explain
  • Use simpler language
  • Drag-and-drop text editor
  • Template gallery
  • Use simpler language

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $10/month.

Rating: 4.7/5


wordtune ai copywriting
wordtune ai

Wordtune AI is like a clever friend for writing. It uses AI skills to make your writing better. It can help you say things more clearly, make them more exciting, and sound like you.

Whether you’re writing emails, work documents, or talking to friends, Wordtune can make your writing awesome. It’s not just for fixing grammar, it goes way beyond that!

Wordtune Demo

Key Features

  • Save 60% with annual plan
  • Wordtune for Microsoft Word
  • Rewrite
  • Tone & Length
  • Translate and Rewrite simultaneously
  • Wordtune works where you do
  • Write a better, clearer message and deliver it the way you intend to
  • Make brilliant vocabulary choices
  • Spend less time editing and perfecting your text
  • Write with confidence
  • Sound more fluent
  • Expand your English vocabulary

Pricing: Free, paid plans start from $9.99/month

Rating: 4.5/5


These 7 best AI tools for copywriting in 2024 have shown us the incredible power of technology in crafting compelling and engaging written content.

From generating SEO-friendly content to crafting persuasive ads, these tools have proven their worth in saving time, enhancing quality, and boosting productivity.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, these tools stand as shining examples of how innovation can transform the way we write and communicate, making the future of copywriting even brighter.


Q – What is the best free AI copywriting tool?

Ans – ChatGPT is the best free AI copywriting tool.

Q – What are some recommended AI copywriting tools for creating social media content?

Ans – ChatGPT, & CopyAI are some recommended AI copywriting tools for creating social media content.

Q – What are some SEO copywriting tools?

Ans – Here is the SEO copywriting tools;
Jasper AI
Notion AI

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