10+ Best AI Tools For Video Creators In 2024

Hey! How’s Your Day in This AI Evolution?

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 10+ Best AI Tools for Video Creators like Runwayml, Fliki, Lumen5, to help you take your videos to new heights.

These tools use the power of artificial intelligence to make your video editing process easier, faster, and more creative.

If you have a busy day, don’t worry; these tools will save you time.

From automated video editing and intelligent video analysis to advanced visual effects and seamless voiceovers, these AI tools offer a range of capabilities that will elevate your videos to new heights.

Whether you’re a professional video creator or a passionate enthusiast, these tools empower you with powerful features to craft captivating and polished videos.

These AI Tools Features

  • Time Saver
  • Easy-to-use
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Smart analysis
  • Freemium
  • Customizable
  • Automated
  • Anyone can use

Let’s Get Started…

List Of Best AI Tools For Video Creators In 2024

Here, is a list of 10+ useful best AI tools for video creators in 2024

  1. Runwayml – Video Maker
  2. Fliki – Video Maker
  3. Lumen5 – Video Maker
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro – Video Editor
  5. Steve AI – Text-To-Video
  6. Canva – Magic Design
  7. Adobe Firefly – Text-To-Image
  8. – Meme Generator
  9. – Background Noise Remover
  10. Vocal Remover –
  11. – Vocal Remover
  12. – Templates

Runwayml – Video Maker

Runwayml Video editor
Runwayml Video Maker

RunwayML is a versatile AI platform designed to easily create and publish machine learning models in a variety of media formats such as video, audio, and text.

This empowers you, even those with no coding experience, to leverage pre-trained models for tasks like generating image captions or creating photorealistic images.

Key features include:

Video AI Model: You can create videos directly on their smartphones using text input.

Gen 2 Tool: This tool enables creating 3D animated videos without the need to learn complex 3D software like Cinema 4D, Maya or 3DS Max.

Runwayml Gen 2 Model

Machine Learning Tools: RunwayML offers a range of machine learning tools accessible to you without coding experience.

  • Make things easy for yourself with runway ml.
  • Web-Based Mobility with runwayml video editing.
  • Video Editor with all the bells and whistles with runwayml ai. Provide knowledge about runway ml.
  • Provide guidance on runwayml ai.
  • Provide a better experience in using the runwayml video editing application.
  • Make it easier to find runwayml features by using Runwayml video editing advice.

AI Tools

  • Multi Motion Brush
  • Generate Videos
  • Generate Images
  • Infinitely Expand Images
  • Reimagine Any Image
  • Train Custom Models
  • Erase Things from videos
  • Slow Mo Any Video
  • Make Images Move
  • Remove Any Background
  • Clean Audio

Pricing – Free (Limitation), paid plans start from $12/month and goes up to $76/month.

Rating – 4.6/5

Fliki – Video Maker

Fliki AI Video Editor
Fliki AI Video Editor

Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

Start by adding the blog article URL and Fliki powered by AI will summarize your content, find perfect visuals and create a video with a human-like voiceover in your desired voice with branded subtitles.

Fliki Video Demo – “AI Tools for Video Maker”


  • 900+ Neural Voices
  • 75+ Languages
  • 100+ Dialects
  • Stock Media library (Video, Audio, Images)
  • User-friendly interface
  • PPT to Video
  • Idea to Video
  • Blog to Video
  • Voice cloning
  • Language-specific fonts
  • Tweet to Video
  • Translate
  • Interactive subtitles
  • AI Art
  • Background Music

Pricing – Free (watermarked), paid plans start at $8 and go up to $88.

Rating – 4.8/5

Read the full Review of Fliki AI

Lumen5 – Video Maker

Lumen5 - video maker AI tool
Lumen5 – video maker AI tool review

The Lumen5 is also a video making tool; Creating a video with Lumen5 is very similar to creating a presentation. point and click; Drag and drop; done and done.

Automatically convert blog posts to video or Zoom recordings into captivating clips.

Create videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Promotion, Advertising, Marketing, LinkedIn, Business, E-commerce, Explainer, Slideshow and Education.

Lumen5 Demo Video – “AI Tools for Video Makers”


  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Save Time
  • Turn blog posts into videos
  • Customizable designed Templates
  • Media Library
  • Voiceover

Video Tools

  • Cut Video
  • Merge Video
  • Compress Video
  • Resize Video
  • Add Audio to Video
  • Trim Video
  • Add Text to Video
  • Adjust Video
  • Mute Video
  • Subtitler
  • Add Image to Video
  • Watermark Video

Pricing – Free (watermarked), paid plans start at $29 and go up to $199.

Rating – 4.5/5

Adobe Premiere Pro – Video Editor

AI Adobe Premiere Pro
AI Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit videos faster with artificial intelligence in Adobe Premiere Pro.

AI (artificial intelligence) is changing the game for film and video creation — making it faster and easier to organize clips and craft perfect edits.

Whether you work on short social videos or feature-length films, AI functionality will shave time off your editing process and open the door to new creative possibilities.

Adobe Sensei is AI and machine learning technology that brings an amazing level of automation to previously time-consuming tasks across every Adobe application.

AI tools in Adobe video editing software give you expert results fast, from editing colours and blending audio tracks to crafting seamless interview clips and adjusting video content for any aspect ratio.

Spend less time on tedious tasks, like adjusting keyframes, changing colour levels, making cuts and organising clips — and spend more time getting inspired and telling a story with stunning video projects.

AI Adobe Premiere Pro Demo Video – “AI Tools for Video Editors”


  • Colour Match
  • Auto Reframe
  • Blend music and dialogue
  • Morph Cut
  • Scene Edit Detection
  • Remove objects from videos
  • Remix music to match video length
  • Do more with Adobe Premiere Pro

Pricing – ₹1675.60/month

Rating – 4.6/5

Steve AI – Text-To-Video

Steve AI - video maker
Steve AI

Steve.AI is an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based online video creation platform that enables brands and businesses to create engaging videos for social media, advertising, storytelling, and more.

The technology helps convert scripts into captivating videos in a matter of minutes. And the mission is to enable anybody to create high-quality videos with minimal effort, time, and cost.

Steve AI Video Demo – “AI Tools for Video Creators”


  • Live Video
  • Text to Videos
  • Blog to Video
  • Audio to Video
  • 100+ AI Avatars & Templates
  • Media Library
  • Customizable
  • Cartoon Video
  • Photo Video
  • Lyric Video
  • Invitation Video
  • Animated Video
  • Create videos for Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Create Video for Business – Product, Marketing, Education, Promo, Ads, Slideshow, Corporate

Pricing – Paid, Plans start from $20

Rating – 4.5/5

Canva – Magic Design

Canva for Video cretors
Canva Magic Design

Magic Design is an AI-powered design tool built into Canva. Simply upload an image or select a style, and Magic Design will whip up a curated selection of personalized templates just for you.

It places your ideas and images directly into a range of custom templates from the Canva library, ready for you to choose your favorite and add your own final touches.

Magic Design builds on the millions of templates, images, fonts, and other graphic elements in the marketplace and uses AI to craft designs to help your ideas come to life.

Canva Magic Design Demo – Best video creator software


  • Thousands of free templates
  • Millions of free images, icons, and graphics
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Easy sharing and exporting tools
  • Access on any device
  • Brand Kit
  • Cloud storage
  • One-click magic resize
  • Content planner
  • AI photo editing
  • Magic write
  • Automatically translate your design

Pricing – Free, Paid plans start from ₹499/month

Rating – 4.7/5

Adobe Firefly – Text-To-Image

Adobe firefly AI tool
Adobe firefly AI tool image editor

Firefly is the new family of creative generative AI models coming to Adobe products, focusing initially on image and text effect generation.

Firefly will offer new ways to ideate, create and communicate while significantly improving creative workflows.

Firefly is the natural extension of the technology Adobe has produced over the past 40 years, driven by the belief that people should be empowered to bring their ideas into the world precisely as they imagine them. Best AI tools for video creators in 2024″

Adobe Firefly Demo – “AI Tools for Video Creators”
  • Text to Image
  • Generative Fill
  • 100 languages
  • Text effects
  • Generative Recolor
  • 3D to Image
  • Extend Image – Meme Generator

Supermeme AI tool for video creators is an AI meme generator that lets you generate memes by simply typing in a text. They’re building a meme generator that’s purpose built for meme creation.

You can add your own text, resize the font and move things around just as you would on other meme generators.

  • 110+ languages
  • High quality images.
  • No watermarks.
  • Upscaled quality.
  • No offensive or NSFW meme templates.
  • Easily brand your memes without using another image editor.
  • Build your own meme bot or application with just text input and our meme API
  • Search meme templates with emotions
  • 1000 meme templates

Pricing – Paid plans start from $9.99/month

Rating – 4.5/5 (Background Noise Remover)

Adobe Podcast Tool
Adobe Podcast AI Tool

Adobe Podcast AI is a cloud-based service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your podcast audio and generate transcripts, captions, keywords, summaries, and more.

You can use Adobe Podcast AI to: “Best AI tools for video creators in 2024”

Demo – “Best AI tools for video creators in 2023”
  • Edit words
  • AI-powered audio
  • Remote recording
  • Mic check
  • Project templates
  • Background noise reduction
  • Text-to-audio conversion

Vocal Remover –

Vocal remover -
Vocal Remover

With the AI-powered online vocal remover, you can extract, isolate or remove any instrumental, vocal, or acapella from any music instantly without compromising quality. Online Vocal Remover can separate all mingled-up and blended vocals and instrumental tracks from a song. This allows you to use the extracted ingredients to create new compositions of almost all types.

Recognize different languages, including English, Indian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, Korean, or Russian, and separate vocals from instrumentals and/or acapella from them.

Vocal Remover Demo – “Video Creator software”


  • Separate vocals and instrumentals automatically with one click using AI.
  • The voice remover supports 44KHz. This means that you can separate vocals and instrumentals and download the extracted ingredients without quality loss.
  • Improve the quality of bass and drum points, thus, producing lossless audios out of the source track.
  • Vocal Remover supports almost all major audio and video formats such as MP3, MP4 or WMV. Simply upload and edit with just a click.

Pricing – Free, Paid plans start from $19.99/month.

Rating – 4.3/5 (Vocal Remover) vocal-remover-ai-tool for video creators Vocal Remover

A next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy and precise stem extraction.

Remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks without quality loss. “Best AI tools for video creators in 2024” Vocal Remover Demo

Pricing – Paid, Paid plans start from $15/one-time fee

Rating – 4.3/5 (Templates)

Jitter AI tool for animations
Jitter.Video Demo

Never start from scratch again

Jitter is like Figma for motion design: it makes it easy to create animations for your videos, websites or apps, all in the browser.

It helps Designers make animations for videos, websites or apps in a simple way, while making it easier to collaborate with Product & Marketing teams.

Demo – “AI Tools for Video Creators”


  • Custom Animations
  • Animation Presets
  • Animated Template Library
  • Import from Figma

Pricing – Free, paid plans start from $8/month.

Rating – 4.4/5

How To Become A Video Editor In 2024?

The demand for video editors is increasing in various industries such as advertising, music videos, TV, film and social media.

LinkedIn reports increasing demand due to the growing recognition of high-quality video content by companies and individuals.

As online content creators are increasing, the need for skilled video editors is also increasing.

Typically, individuals in this profession pursue a bachelor’s degree in film, broadcasting, or a related field, with many educational institutions offering specialized courses in cinematography and video-editing software.

For this, I have suggested you this video tutorial by Ishan Sharma where you can become a skilled video maker for free.

How To Become a Video Editor

What you will learn in this video tutorial like understanding the importance of video editing, different types of videos, recommended tools and software, use of AI tools for editing, tutorials for beginners, project creation, media import, cutting techniques, transitions, Text and image integration, effects and animation, sound design, colour correction and grading, storytelling techniques, improving editing efficiency, client acquisition, portfolio building, case studies and common editing mistakes.

Additionally, there are also special areas like editing for specific influencers like Ali Abdal, using MOGRT files in Premiere Pro, and exploring the psychology behind video editing.

Recommendations for websites that offer icons, advice on how to hone editing skills, and insights into sound design and storytelling are also provided.

Are AI Tools Necessary For Video Creators?

Let’s understand “Are AI tools necessary for video makers?”

Whether AI tools are necessary for video creators depends on several factors, including the creator’s specific needs and preferences, the complexity of the project, and available resources.

However, there are compelling arguments for adopting AI video editing tools in many scenarios.

First, AI tools can significantly streamline the video creation process, making it faster and more efficient. By automatically detecting and removing unnecessary footage, applying enhancements like filters and stabilization, and generating subtitles, AI can save creators a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their work.

Additionally, AI tools can help ensure the overall quality of video content. With features like automatic colour correction and object-based editing, AI can enhance the visual appeal of videos without the need for extensive manual intervention. This can be especially beneficial for creators who do not have extensive experience or expertise in video editing techniques.

Additionally, AI tools can improve accessibility by automatically generating subtitles and captions, allowing videos to be more inclusive and reach a wider audience.

While traditional video editing software still has its place and offers a high level of control and customization, AI tools provide a valuable alternative, especially for creators who want to streamline their workflow and efficiently produce high-quality content.

Yes! AI Tools can be essential. If you take the help of both manual video editor tools and AI models, your video will touch the hearts of the viewers.

What Are The Limitations Of AI Video Editing?

AI-powered video editing tools come with several limitations that you should consider.

First, these tools can compromise creative control and originality because they rely on predefined algorithms or templates that may not align with your vision or style.

Furthermore, the accuracy and quality of the edited video depend largely on the breadth and depth of the algorithm’s training data.

In some cases, algorithms misinterpreting content or context may result in errors or inconsistencies in the output, such as misplaced objects or disjointed scenes.

Additionally, AI-powered video editing tools often fall short of capturing the complexity of real-world scenes and emotions. Facial expressions, natural language, and contextual nuances are challenging for current AI models to accurately understand and integrate into the editing process.

As a result, edited videos may lack the depth and authenticity that human editors can provide.

Additionally, there are ethical and legal challenges associated with the use of AI video editing tools. Questions related to ownership, authenticity, and reliability may arise, especially if the tool generates content that resembles existing videos or violates copyright laws.

Additionally, there are concerns about the privacy and rights of the subjects or sources depicted in edited videos, as AI algorithms may inadvertently expose sensitive information or manipulate footage in unethical ways.


Q – What is The Best AI Tool For Making Videos?

Ans – There are lots of best AI tools for creating videos but here we recommend three AI tools;
Runway: A Tool for Experimenting with Generative AI.
Flicky: A tool for social media videos.
Lumen5: Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform specifically designed to transform text content into engaging videos.

Q – How AI Tools Help Video Creators?

Ans – AI-powered video editing tools use algorithms to automatically identify and extract relevant elements from raw footage. These tools provide benefits such as speeding up tasks like captioning and editing, improving content quality, enhancing video aesthetics, letting creators focus on creativity, and facilitating quick and easy video creation.

Q – Will AI Video Editing Replace Human Video Editors?

Ans – AI video editing platforms have made progress in automating tasks and streamlining processes, but they are not a complete replacement for human editors. While AI provides efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and content analysis, it lacks the artistic judgment and emotional intelligence of human editors. Human editors still excel at creative storytelling and understanding context, areas where AI has yet to catch up.

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