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What Is Columns AI?

Columns AI is like having a magic wand for your data. It’s a cloud-based service that takes all your messy spreadsheets, databases, and files and turns them into beautiful, easy-to-understand stories. Imagine you have a bunch of numbers and words, and Columns AI sprinkles some fairy dust on them to transform them into visually stunning tales.

First off, it makes collecting data a breeze. You can connect it to all sorts of places where your data might be hiding, like Google Spreadsheets, Notion, or even just a regular old CSV file. Once your data is all in one place, Columns AI goes to work. It uses fancy AI tricks to organize and analyze your data, so you don’t have to spend hours crunching numbers.

But Columns AI isn’t just about making your data look pretty. It’s about telling stories. With its Canva-like tools, you can add shapes, colors, annotations, and animations to your data to bring it to life. You can highlight important points, draw arrows to show connections, and even make things move to keep your audience engaged.

And the best part? Sharing your story is super easy. You can send a link to your team, embed your story on a webpage, or even connect it to Slack for instant feedback. Plus, you can set it to update automatically, so your story always stays fresh with the latest data.

Columns AI comes in different flavors to suit your needs. There’s a free version with basic features, a premium version with more bells and whistles, and custom plans for big businesses with specific needs.

So whether you’re a content creator, a developer, an influencer, or a business leader, Columns AI is your secret weapon for turning boring data into captivating stories that everyone can understand.

Key Features

  • Data Integration: Seamlessly connect various data sources like Google Spreadsheet, Notion, SQL DB, and more.
  • Data Transformation: AI transforms your data into engaging visual narratives effortlessly.
  • Professional Storytelling: Easily create stunning content with Canva-like tools and AI-generated titles and summaries.
  • Communication: Connect with your team effortlessly through Slack integration for seamless sharing and feedback.
  • Intelligence: Quickly access relevant insights with one click, generated by learning your data statistics.
  • Integrations: Share, embed, and update stories across different channels and keep your team connected and in sync.

Use Cases

  • Content Creators
  • Developers
  • Influencers
  • Business Leaders


Columns AI pricing
  • Free – $0/month
  • Premium – $15/month
  • Business – Custom plans

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