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What Is DeepBrain AI?

DeepBrain AI is a comprehensive, cloud-based video generation platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to create realistic AI avatar videos. Designed to streamline video production, it offers an array of tools and features that cater to businesses and individuals looking to produce high-quality, customizable videos without the need for traditional video production resources.

At the heart of DeepBrain AI is its ability to create lifelike AI avatars. Users can choose from over 100 avatars representing various ethnicities and ages, capable of speaking more than 80 languages. This diversity enables the creation of videos that are culturally relevant and accessible to a global audience. The avatars are not only visually realistic but also feature natural text-to-speech capabilities, ensuring that their speech is clear and lifelike.

The platform supports a wide range of video creation methods. Users can generate videos from text prompts, URLs, or PowerPoint presentations, making it easy to convert different types of content into engaging videos. This flexibility is particularly useful for creating educational materials, training content, marketing videos, and more.

It also includes several advanced features to enhance video production. Users can incorporate stock music and sound effects, choose from a variety of fonts and assets, and utilize intuitive editing tools to refine their videos. The platform’s AI ensures lifelike lip-syncing and movements, adding to the realism of the avatars.

The platform supports over 100 lifelike AI voices in more than 80 languages, allowing users to generate studio-quality voiceovers from text. This multilingual support makes it an ideal tool for global businesses that need to create content in multiple languages.

Additional features include an AI Script Assistant to help craft compelling scripts, screen recording capabilities, an AI art generator, and a brand kit for consistent branding across videos. The platform also offers a stock library of music and sound effects to enhance video content. Videos created with DeepBrain AI can be produced in high resolution and downloaded without limitations, facilitating easy sharing across various platforms, including social media.

In summary, DeepBrain AI is a powerful tool that combines realistic avatars, natural text-to-speech, and advanced video creation capabilities to accelerate video projects. By offering a wide range of customization options and supporting multiple languages, it empowers users to create high-quality, engaging videos quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Convert Text to Video in Minutes: AI-powered convert-to-video tools. Create editable, stylized video drafts in minutes.
  • Create Videos About Anything: AI Video Generator to create professional, engaging videos.
  • Scale Video Production with AI Avatars: Add multiple avatars to your video scenes to create dynamic on-screen conversations and interactions.
  • Multi-Language AI Text to Speech: Generate studio-quality voiceovers from just text in over 80+ languages with 100+ lifelike AI voices.
  • AI Script Assistant: Leverage AI to refine your script, do grammar checks, translate text, and help you generate video ideas and outlines.
  • Screen Recording: Record your screen to share feedback, ideas, and capture, edit, and share—all in AI Studios!
  • AI Art Generator: Generate custom, on-brand visuals and videos by typing in what you need with the AI art generator.
  • Stock Asset Library: Millions of ready-to-use images, video clips, and music tracks at your fingertips to meet every creative need.
  • Templates to Get Started: Professionally-crafted, editable presentation slides, social media videos, broadcast-ready news sets, and much more.

AI Avatar Video

  • AI Video Generator
  • Avatar Gestures
  • Multi-Avatar Scenes
  • 3D Avatars
  • Screen Recording
  • Auto Captions
  • Text-to-Speech

AI Tools

  • Text to Video
  • Topic to Video
  • URL to Video
  • Docs to Video
  • Article to Video
  • Generative Art
  • AI Script Assistant

Use Cases

  • Training & Education
  • E-Commerce
  • News Media
  • Finance


  • Personal – $24/month
  • Team – $72/month
  • Enterprise – Custom plan

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