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What Is is like having a super-smart assistant for your email newsletters. It’s all about making your newsletters way more interesting, personal, and engaging for your subscribers. Here’s how it works:

First off, uses fancy AI (artificial intelligence) to help you create newsletters that are tailor-made for each person on your email list. So, instead of sending out generic emails to everyone, you can send out emails that are customized to match each person’s interests and preferences. That means no more boring, one-size-fits-all emails!

With, you can save a ton of time because it can do a lot of the work for you. It can pick out the best articles and content to include in your newsletter based on what your subscribers like. Plus, you can even connect it with other tools you already use, like analytics tools, to get even more insight into what your subscribers are interested in.

The coolest part? When you send out a newsletter with, each person on your list gets their own personalized version of the email. So, it’s like they’re getting an email that’s made just for them!

And because the content is so personalized, it’s way more likely to keep your subscribers engaged. People are more likely to click on links, attend events, and visit your website when they get content that they’re genuinely interested in.

So, if you want to send newsletters that stand out, build better relationships with your subscribers, and save time while doing it, is the way to go!

Key Features

  • Keep your customers coming back for more with the content you send them.
  • Save time and effort curating your newsletter!
  • More engagement everywhere.
  • Nurture relationships more often (and more relevantly).
  • Personalize the email experience
  • Be more than another boring email.
  • Smart Newsletter Automation
  • Extensive CRM Integrations
  • Robust Integration Network
  • Integration with Existing tools
  • Analytics dashboard

Use Cases

  • Associations
  • Marketing
  • Media & Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Small & Medium Business

  • Plus – $190/month
  • Pro – $490/month
  • Enterprise Pricing – Custom plans

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