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What Is

SheetAI is a powerful AI app designed to automate and simplify tasks in Google Sheets. It offers a range of features that enhance productivity by integrating artificial intelligence directly into your spreadsheets. With SheetAI, you can perform a variety of tasks such as text editing, generating multiple answers, extracting information, creating taglines, applying tags, translating text, summarizing, and even analyzing images and speech.

SheetAI makes it easy to clean up lists of names, addresses, and emails, classify reviews by sentiment or features, and write responses to online comments. You can also generate paragraphs, procedures, and multiple versions of prompts. For those needing visual content, SheetAI can generate images in bulk based on descriptions. Additionally, it provides a Google Sheet formula generator to help with complex calculations.

The app offers two pricing plans: a free plan with 50 function calls per month and an Unlimited plan for ₹657 per month. This makes it accessible to both individual users and large enterprises.

One of SheetAI’s standout features is SHEETAI_BRAIN, which allows you to store and retrieve essential information, making copywriting tasks easier. You can quickly craft taglines and other content by simply referencing a name, and the AI will pull relevant details from your database. Other functions like SHEETAI_LIST and SHEETAI_RANGE let you automate tasks and analyze data effortlessly.

In summary, SheetAI is a revolutionary tool that empowers users to streamline spreadsheet management, boost efficiency, and generate insights with AI capabilities. Whether you’re filling in product descriptions, cleaning email lists, or generating dummy data, SheetAI makes these tasks simple and efficient. Just describe what you need in plain English, and watch the magic happen in your spreadsheet!

Key Features

This add-on allows you to harness GPT-3’s AI power in Google Sheets™ with four custom functions:
=SHEETAI for a single prompt to generate response and =SHEETAI_RANGE to get answer for question based on range info. =SHEETAI_IMAGE() to generate images using ai just provide description and get AI generate images from scratch (it really feels like magic)
There is addition function called RANGESTRING() which helps provide range info as string to use inside SHEETAI so you can ask question based on data.

  • Come up with blog post ideas,
  • Generate whole paragraphs or procedures,
  • Clean up lists of names, addresses, emails,
  • Companies, classify reviews with sentiment analysis or feature categorisation, summarise
  • Write responses to online comments, and quickly try multiple versions of a prompt.
  • Generate images in bulk using AI inside Google Sheets.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to adjust the parameters such as temperature, model, and max Tokens and more.
With SheetAI you also get access to Google Sheet formula generator accessible via the Sidebar.

Just open any google sheet and Extensions > SheetAI App > Launch
And in the sidebar you can enter describe of what you want to do and SheetAI Formula Generator will generate formula for you.


You: Add Column A and B
SheetAI: =sum(A:B)
The AI-powered Google Sheet™ Bots are up for any challenge.


You: Average of column A



You: Sum of column A when column B contains the word “marketing” and column C is today’s date.
SheetAI: =SUMIFS(A:A,B:B,”marketing“,C:C,TODAY())


You: Extract the fourth word in A1 only when cell B1 is greater than 100 and when C1 starts with the word “hello” and ends with the word “goodbye”.

So try now for free and see yourself!

Use Cases

  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Data Analysts
  • Content Creators
  • Individuals
  • Academic Researchers

  • Free – ₹0/month
  • Unlimited Monthly – ₹657/month
  • Unlimited Yearly – ₹5964/year

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