8 Best Free Text-To-Speech AI Tools In 2024

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You are at the right place where you will get all the ideas about it. This article will help you choose the 8 best text-to-speech AI tool for your needs like ElevenenLabs offers you 29 languages and 120 voices, offers 800+ AI voices in 142 languages, and Podcastal for podcasts and videos.

The AI tools I have shared with you in this article are well-researched and can meet your needs. The tool is easy to use, has a free plan available, is easily downloadable, and has voice quality like a real human being.

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List Of Best Free Text-To-Speech AI Tools In 2024

  • ElevenLabs
  • BeyondWords
  • Podcastle
  • Speechify
  • Read Aloud
  • Natural Reader


ElevenLabs best free text-to-speech AI tool
Source – ElevenLabs AI voice generators

 ElevenLabs is an advanced AI voice generator that boasts realistic and accurate voice and high-quality output. It is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, such as podcasts, audiobooks, videos, gaming, and AI chatbots.

ElevenLabs supports 29 languages and 120 voices, providing versatility for digital creators. The tool enables users to edit transcripts, adjust sequence timing and voice settings, add multiple languages, and reproduce specific excerpts for optimal results.

Star Rating – 4.8/5

Free Plan10,000 characters per month
Output CapacityUp to 2 million characters per month, depending on the plan.
Use Cases– Podcasts and Audiobooks: Ideal for content creators and authors to generate high-quality spoken audio in various voices, styles, and languages.
– Videos: Allows content creators and short story writers to design captivating audio experiences, bringing fictional characters to life.
– Gaming: Enhances gaming experiences by providing rich, dynamic NPC dialogue and real-time narration with AI-generated voices.
– AI Chatbots: Creates a more natural and engaging experience for users by incorporating human-like voices in AI chatbots.
AI Voice QualityAccurate and high-quality output.
Language SupportSupports 29 languages with a variety of voices.
Precision TuningOffers an intuitive interface for adjusting voice outputs, allowing users to balance vocal clarity and stability or amplify vocal stylings for more animated delivery.
Online Text ReaderUtilizes deep learning to read any text aloud, from brief emails to full PDFs, cutting costs and time.
Transcript EditingAllows manual editing of dialogue in translated scripts to achieve the perfect audio output.
Sequence TimingPermits users to change the speaker’s timing by clicking and dragging the clips.
Voice Settings AdjustmentProvides options to adjust voice settings by clicking on the gear icon next to a speaker’s name.
Multi-Language SupportUsers can choose from a wide range of languages and voices to create a personalized audio experience.
Regeneration of FragmentsOffers the ability to recreate specific audio fragments if users are not satisfied with the output.
Save ProgressAllows users to save their progress and return to projects at any time.
Easy ConversionEnables single-click conversion of written content into captivating audiobooks for on-the-go listeners.
Input FormatsSupports the import of various formats, including .epub, .txt, and .pdf, facilitating the conversion of entire books into audio.
Manual PausesPermits manual adjustment of the length of pauses between speech segments to fine-tune pacing.
Lifelike SpeechClaims to provide AI-generated voices indistinguishable from human speech, combining advanced AI with emotive capabilities.
ElevenLabs text-to-speech AI tools

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Source – AI voice generator is also know for its best AI-powered voice generator and text-to-speech platform designed to transform written content into ultra-realistic, humanlike audio experiences.’s AI Voice Generator offers a versatile range of applications, from video voiceovers to podcasts, gaming, e-learning, and more. With a library boasting 800+ natural-sounding AI voices in 142 languages and accents, provides users with a multilingual experience powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology.

Star Rating – 4.6/5
Free Plan12,500 characters
Voice Generation Features
AI Text to SpeechInstantly converts text into natural-sounding human-like voice performances across any language and accent.
AI Voice CloningCaptures every accent and dialect for voice cloning.
Voice Generation APIReal-time voice cloning and voice generation API for integration into various applications.
Use Cases
Audio PublishingCreate engaging voice content for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.
Conversational AIDevelop conversational interfaces with contextually aware, emotional, and expressive text-to-speech models.
E-LearningIdeal for creating voiceovers for training videos, learning and development (L&D), and e-learning courses.
PodcastsAI voiceovers for creating and publishing audio content on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
GamingSuitable for generating voices for characters in games and providing emotional voices for creative content and ads.
IVR SystemsCreate human-like AI voice responses for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
Translation & DubbingGenerate multilingual voices for translation and dubbing purposes.
Voice AccessibilityEnhance accessibility by utilizing AI voices for websites, increasing time on page metrics and user engagement.
Voice Models
Conversational VoicesPerfect for entertainment videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.
Narrative VoicesIdeal for audiobooks, explainer videos, and documentary videos.
Explainer VoicesSuitable for entertainment videos, explainer videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.
Children VoicesPerfect for audiobooks, explainer videos, and e-learning targeted at children.
Local AccentsLocalize entertainment videos, adverts, and audiobooks with region-specific accents.
EmotionsIdeal for gaming, creative videos, and ads, capturing various emotional tones.
Character VoicesPerfect for gaming, creative videos, and ads, allowing the creation of unique character voices.
Training VoicesSuitable for training videos, learning and development (L&D), and e-learning courses.
Products and Services
Ultra Realistic AI VoicesNext-generation AI speech technology for generating human-like speech from text.
Premium AI Voices800+ AI voices in 142 languages with great customizability and control.
Voice CloningCreate high-fidelity voice clones that are 100% accurate to their real human voices.
Text to Voice EditorPowerful online editor with control over voice style for text-to-audio conversion.
Pronunciations and PhoneticCreate custom pronunciations for acronyms and niche terms, saving them in a pronunciation library.
Audio WidgetsCustomizable audio widgets for websites, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.
AI PodcastsPlatform for creating and publishing audio content on popular podcast platforms.
Team AccessCollaborative features to scale content creation by inviting and working with a team.
Female and Male AI Voice GeneratorsGenerate ultra-realistic voices for both female and male characters for various applications.
Use Case Specific Generators
YouTube VideosEasily narrate YouTube videos with the AI voice generator.
TikTok VideosDiscover AI voices for narrating TikTok videos.
Character Voice GeneratorCreate stunning voices for characters in games, animation, and cartoons.
Celebrity Voice GeneratorCapture any celebrity voice and generate speech identical to the original voice.
Language and Accent Support
Multilingual ExperienceChoose from 800+ natural-sounding AI voices in 142 languages and accents.
Security and Privacy
Secure and Private Voice GenerationAssures secure and private voice generation with full commercial and copyrights. text-to-speech AI tools


BeyondWords text-to-speech AI tool
Source – BeyondWords text-to-speech AI tool

BeyondWords is another AI-powered text-to-speech publishing platform that offers a comprehensive audio content management system.

You can easily convert text to audio using over 500 advanced AI voices in 130 languages locales, ethically sourced from leading voice actors or cutting-edge TTS voices from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Star Rating – 4.4/5

Free Plans10,000 characters only
Text-to-Speech Features
AI-Powered Text-to-Speech– Converts text into audio using AI voices and voice-cloning technology.
All-in-One Audio Content Management– Serves as an audio content management system (CMS) for managing and maximizing audio strategy.
Automatic Audio Creation
Automatic Audio Versions for WordPress– Automatically creates audio versions of WordPress posts and pages and embeds them via a customizable player.
Voice Library
Exclusive AI Voices– Ethically developed AI voices with leading voice actors or the latest TTS voices from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
550+ AI Voices Across Languages– Voice library with over 550 advanced AI voices across more than 130 language locales.
Custom Voice Commissioning– Option to commission a custom voice for personalized and unique audio content.
Voice Cloning Technology
State-of-the-Art Voice Cloning– Utilizes state-of-the-art voice cloning technology to create custom AI voices that resonate with the target audience.
Use Own Voice or Work with Actor– Gives users the option to use their own voice or work with a voice actor for voice cloning.
SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) Processing
Automatic SSML– Text preprocessor automatically normalizes and converts input text into its phonetic representation, ensuring accurate and customizable pronunciations at scale.
Localization and Accents
Connect with Localized Listeners– Uses local accents to make regionalized audio content more engaging and authentic.
Expressive Voice Creation
Create Expressive and Sympathetic Voice– Allows users to create an expressive and sympathetic voice that complements the theme of the content.
Branding and Personalization
Branding Audio Content– Strengthens branding by giving audio content a distinctive and consistent sound.
Personalized Author’s Voice– Adds a personal touch to content by allowing virtual narration in the author’s own voice.
BeyondWords text-to-speech AI tools


Podcastle text-to-speech AI tool
Source – Podcastle text-to-speech AI tool

If you are working on a podcast, then this AI tool, Podcastal, can be a good choice for you. It is an AI-powered platform that offers free and user-friendly tools to create, edit, and distribute professional-quality podcasts and videos.

With a Chrome extension that converts text news and articles into podcast-style audio narratives, Podcastle is lauded as a solid option for professionals like you, making broadcast storytelling more accessible.

Star Rating – 4.9/5

Free PlanUnlimited audio recording & editing
Podcast and Video Creation
Recording Studio– Local recording for up to 10 participants on separate tracks for uncompressed WAV audio and 4K video.
Audio Editor– Intuitive audio workstation with AI noise removal, equalization, and text capabilities.
Video Editor– Custom branding tools, unique layouts, lower thirds, and clip highlights for bringing visual stories to life.
AI-Generated Voices– Use vibrant AI voices to create an entire podcast in seconds.
Hosting Hub– Host content with a dedicated Podcastle page and publish episodes across major podcast platforms.
AI Tools
Transcription– Tools for transcribing audio to text and vice versa.
Audio to Text– Convert audio content to text.
Voice to Text– Convert voice recordings to text.
MP3 to Text– Convert MP3 audio files to text.
Audio Translator– Translate audio content to text.
Podcast Transcriptions– Specific tools for transcribing podcast content.
Interview Transcription– Tools designed for transcribing interview recordings.
Filler Word Detection– Identify and analyze filler words in audio content.
Audio Tools
Podcast Recording– Recording tools specifically designed for podcasting.
Audiobook Recording Studio– Studio features tailored for recording audiobooks.
MP3 Audio Cutter– Cut and edit MP3 audio files.
Podcast Studio– Studio functionalities for podcast creation.
Podcast Maker– Tools for making podcasts efficiently.
Remote Interview Recording– Tools to facilitate recording remote interviews.
Voice Over Recording– Recording tools for voiceovers.
Voice Over Studio– Studio features for voiceover work.
Voice Recorder– General-purpose voice recording functionality.
AI Voice Generator– Generate AI-powered voices for various purposes.
Text to Audio– Convert text to audio using AI voices.
Remove Background Noise– Tools to remove background noise from audio recordings.
Auto-leveling– Automatic audio leveling capabilities.
AI Voice Cloning– Utilize AI to clone voices for a customized experience.
Text to Voice Generator– Convert text to voice with AI-powered technology.
AI Voice Maker– Create AI-generated voices for specific needs.
AI Voices– Access a variety of AI voices for content creation.
AI Noise Reducer– Reduce noise in audio recordings using AI.
Online Audio Converter– Convert audio files online.
Audio Podcast– Tools specifically designed for audio podcasting.
Video Tools
Video Splitter– Split video files into segments.
Video Trimmer– Trim and edit video content.
Crop Video– Crop video frames.
Resize Video– Change the dimensions of video content.
Video Podcast– Tools specifically designed for video podcasting.
Online Video Recorder– Record videos online.
Video Recording Software– Software for recording videos.
Video Maker– Create videos using the platform’s video-making tools.
Add Text to Video– Add text overlays to video content.
Add Subtitles to Video– Include subtitles in video creations.
Video to Audio– Extract audio from video files.
Video to Text– Convert video content to text.
How to Start a Podcast– Resources and guides on starting a podcast.
Podcast Promotion– Tips and strategies for promoting podcasts.
Create a Podcast– Step-by-step guidance on creating podcasts.
Start Podcasting– General resources for getting started with podcasting.
Use Cases
Podcasting– Tools and features designed specifically for podcast creation.
Education– Application in educational content creation.
Communication– Facilitates communication through podcasting and audio content.
Audiobooks– Recording and editing tools for creating audiobooks.
Podcastle text-to-speech AI tools


Speechify text-to-speech AI tool
Source – Speechify Text-to-speech AI tool

Speechify is a versatile text-to-speech app available as a mobile app, Chrome extension, and desktop app that offers features for creating, editing, and distributing podcasts and videos.

The platform uses AI voice technology for human-quality voiceovers, video creation, dubbing, and voice cloning. It also includes optical character recognition for converting physical books and printed text to audio.

Speechify is known for its high-quality AI voices, available in over 30 languages and 130 voices.

Star Rating – 4.8/5

AI-Powered Features
AI Voice Over– Real-time creation of human-quality voice overs using AI voices for narrating text, videos, explainers, etc., in any style.
AI Video Studio– An all-in-one video editing and creation studio powered by AI tools.
AI Dubbing– Instantly change video language while matching the speaker’s voice, intonation, and speed.
AI Voice Cloning– Create high-quality AI clones of human voices within seconds without any installation, directly in the browser.
Text-to-Speech Functionality
Read Aloud Any Content– Listen to Google Docs, PDFs, webpages, books, or any text content with natural-sounding voices in 30+ languages & 130 voices.
Chrome Extension– Fast-growing voice generator extension in the Chrome store.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)– Convert physical books and printed text into audio using OCR technology.
Text-to-Speech Features
Listen at Any Speed– Read up to 4.5x faster (900 words per minute) with high-quality AI voices.
Cross-Device Sync– Instantly sync saved content across desktop and mobile devices.
Human-Like Voices– AI voices sound more fluid and human-like for better understanding and retention.
Screenshot to Audio– Take a picture of an image with text and have Speechify read it out loud.
Floating Widget– A floating widget that is always accessible for convenience.
Additional Features
Active Highlighting– Active highlighting to help users easily read along.
Inline Player– Seamlessly integrates into all websites for easy and quick access.
Subscription Sync– One subscription easily syncs across all devices.
How Speechify Works
Real-Time Content Conversion– Scans the active browser tab and converts content to a human-sounding voice in real time.
Wide Compatibility– Works with Gmail, Google Docs, Word Docs, PDFs, Twitter, Wikipedia entries, blogs, news publications, and all web pages.
Picture-to-Text Import– Take a picture of any text and import it into the app for reading aloud.
130+ Voices and Languages
Diverse Voice Options– Over 130+ voices to choose from across various languages, including recognizable voices like Mr. President or licensed Gwyneth Paltrow voice.
Use Cases
Students– Enhance learning by listening to notes or textbooks at accelerated speeds.
Disabilities– Aids individuals with dyslexia and other disabilities in studying and daily activities.
Vision Issues– Supports people with vision issues or injuries that prevent traditional reading.
Professionals– Helps professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, quickly review and understand extensive content.
Storytime– Parents can use text-to-speech for reading children’s favorite books and promoting early childhood development.
Productivity Hackers– Saves time with speed reading and automates tasks, especially useful for productivity tools like Notion.
Podcast Lovers– Converts articles or lengthy PDFs into speech, enabling easy consumption during workouts or other activities.
Avid Readers– Efficiently reads and shares audio versions from within Google Docs for collaborative review.
Speechify text-to-speech AI tool

Read Aloud

Readaloud text-to-speech AI tool
Source – Read Aloud Text-to-speech AI tool

Read Aloud is a text-to-speech (TTS) voice reader designed to convert webpage text to audio with a single click.

It is compatible with various websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials.

The extension supports over 40 languages and employs TTS technology to make online content accessible through audio.

Star Rating – 4.6/5

FeatureRead Aloud
Read Aloud Functionality
Text-to-Speech (TTS) Reader– Converts webpage text to audio using text-to-speech (TTS) technology.
One-Click Read Aloud– Easily reads aloud the current web-page article with a single click.
Website Compatibility– Works on a variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials.
Language Support– Supports 40+ languages for the text-to-speech conversion.
Voice Options
Voice Selection– Allows users to select from a variety of text-to-speech voices, including those provided natively by the browser and by text-to-speech cloud service providers such as Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft.
In-App Purchases– Some cloud-based voices may require additional in-app purchases to enable.
Supported Content Types
PDF Reading– Can read content from PDF documents.
Google Docs– Supports reading aloud from Google Docs.
Google Play Books– Reads aloud content from Google Play books.
Amazon Kindle– Reads aloud content from Amazon Kindle.
EPUB Support– Compatible with EPUB format, using the EPUBReader extension from
User Target Audience
User Preferences– Intended for users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading.
Learning Disabilities– Suitable for those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.
Educational Use– Useful for children learning to read by providing an auditory learning experience.
Customization Options
Adjustments– Users can change the voice, reading speed, pitch, and enable text highlighting.
Options Page– Access customization options through the Options page, either by right-clicking on the Read Aloud icon and choosing Options, or by clicking the Gear button on the extension popup (playback needs to be stopped to see the Gear button).
Read Aloud text-to-speech AI tool

Natural Reader

Natural Reader text-to-speech AI tool
Source – NaturalReader Text-to-speech AI tool

Natural Reader is also a text-to-speech reader utilising AI voices to read texts from various sources, available across the online app, mobile app, and Chrome extension platforms.

It can read PDFs, online articles, cloud documents, and images captured by the camera.

The extension is designed to enhance productivity, allowing you to listen to content during activities such as commuting, walking the dog, or cooking.

Star Rating – 4.5/5

FeatureNatural Reader
Available Platforms
Online App– Access Natural Reader online for text-to-speech conversion.
Mobile App– Use Natural Reader on mobile devices for on-the-go text-to-speech functionality.
Chrome Extension– The NaturalReader – Text To Speech Chrome extension converts online text into natural-sounding audio.
Main Features
AI Powered Smart Reader– Utilizes powerful AI technology to avoid reading interruptions, skipping unwanted text elements like page headers, footers, citations, image captions, and URLs for a seamless listening experience.
Customizable Listening Experience– Choose your preferred voice, adjust listening speed, and use immersive reading function for enhanced focus.
Voices + Languages– Offers 150+ voices across 20+ languages with free, premium, and plus voice tiers. Paid users enjoy unlimited use of high-quality, natural-sounding voices.
NaturalReader Online + App Account– Access both the free online text-to-speech reader and the free mobile application under the same NaturalReader account.
Advanced Compatibility– Compatible with various websites, Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, PDFs, and Kindle Books.
Continue Listening– Seamlessly save your listening progress to your mobile phone for continued listening on the NaturalReader App.
Download to MP3– Download audio files in MP3 format for offline listening without wifi or cellular service.
User-Friendly Features– One-click start reading, word highlighting, immersive reader for increased focus, light and dark mode compatibility.
Free Version Limitations
Free Voices– Unlimited listening with free voices.
Premium Voices– 20 minutes per day limit for listening with premium voices.
Plus Voices– 5 minutes per day limit for listening with plus voices.
Pricing Plans
Free Version– Available with certain limitations on listening minutes for premium and plus voices.
Premium Plans– Two paid premium plans offering unlimited listening with premium and plus voices.
Natural Reader text-to-speech AI tool

MicMonster Text-to-speech AI tools
Source – MicMonster Text-to-speech AI tools

MicMonster is an advanced online text-to-speech tool that can leverage AI to convert written text into high-quality audio files.

With support for over 140 languages and a large library of over 600 male and female voices, you can customize various aspects such as tone, emotion, pitch and speed.

Additionally, features like multi-voice support, custom pronunciations, and the ability to merge voice overs provide flexibility and control.

With commercial license available, MicMonster ensures professional-grade voiceovers to suit a variety of needs.

Star Rating – 4.8/5

Free PlanAvailable
Language supportSupports over 140 languages
Voice varietyOffers over 600 male and female voices with various accents, tones, and styles
Audio qualityUtilizes a 384 Kbps Bitrate for improved sound quality
Emotional controlAllows users to control the tone and emotion of the voiceover
CustomizationUsers can adjust pitch, speed, and volume of the speech
Multi-voice featureEnables users to assign different portions of the script to different voiceovers
Voice inflectionsAllows fine-tuning of rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses
Custom pronunciationsSupports customization of pronunciation with phoneme support
Preview modeUsers can listen to a paragraph or the entire text before converting it to speech
Longer audio filesSupports transforming up to 12,000 characters into voiceover at once
MergeUsers can combine up to 10 voiceovers
High-Quality VoiceoversEnsures high-quality voice output
Wide Language VarietyOffers a wide range of languages for voice generation
Commercial LicenseProvides commercial usage rights for the tool
MicMonster text-to-speech AI tools

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