28 Top AI Tools For Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide In 2024

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“Top AI Tools for Marketing” in this article helps you get the best idea about your AI marketing strategy.

Where you can get ideas about 28 top AI tools for marketing in 2024 like Gemini AI for ideation and research, Copy.AI for content writing, VidIQ for YouTube video ideas and Content at Scale for AI content detector etc.

Along with this we also cover all the essential questions which will be helpful for your AI marketing like what is AI marketing and what are their benefits of using AI tools in marketing.

Moreover, here we suggest some important AI tools for your marketing campaigns, marketing research and analytics and free courses where you can learn AI marketing.

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List Of Top AI Tools For Marketing in 2024

  • Gemini AI for ideas, research
  • for content writing
  • Inflact for hashtag generator
  • for form generator
  • VidIQ for YouTube video ideas
  • Quillbot for summarizer
  • Content AT Scale for AI content detector
  • CMS Hubspot for free website generator
  • OpusClip for short video clips

Gemini AI For Ideas, Research

Gemini AI tools for marketing
Source – Gemini AI Tools For Marketing

Gemini AI is Google’s most advanced and capable AI model. It is Google’s AI-powered chatbot tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to simulate human conversations. It was earlier called Bard.

Gemini AI can help you with marketing as you can quickly create messaging, evaluate large amounts of information, summarize documents or emails, and automate routine tasks.

In the given video, the creator touches all the points that Gemini AI can help in your marketing such as article titles, summary images and PDF files, ad copies ideas, content calendar ideas, social bite-sized content, landing page outlines. , YouTube SEO, keyword research and converting email subject lines.

How To Use Gemini AI For Marketing For Content Writing AI tools for marketing
Source – AI tools for marketing

Copy.AI is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you create content like product descriptions, website copy, digital ad copy, and social media posts.

It can help you in your brand marketing such as it can create marketing content like email newsletters, social media posts, advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, writing product descriptions, etc. And the best part is that it will create personalized content according to your target audience. And save your precious time and resources.

The given video is about how you can write better content for your better marketing.

How to write content for marketing with For Hashtag Generator AI tools for marting
Source – Inflact AI tool for marketing is one of the best free AI-powered tools that can help you find trending hashtags for your social media. This will generate a lot of hashtags based on the usage of the hashtag which you can select according to the numbers.

It can analyze your photos, keywords or links and automatically generate hashtags for social media. This can be your best tool for increasing engagement. It also supports multiple languages. For Form Generator Ai tools for marketing
Source – AI tools for marketing is an AI-based free online form builder tool that helps businesses create contact forms, registration forms, sales orders, and customer feedback forms using a variety of customizable templates.

It allows you to create forms, collect submissions and automate workflows, and use advanced analytics and customize your form design to match your brand image.

Additionally, you can view conversion rates and collect data about your business, product, or audience through surveys.

VidIQ For YouTube Video Ideas

VidIQ AI tools for marketing
Source – VidIQ AI tools for marketing

VidIQ is a free online tool that provides insight and guidance to YouTube creators to help them grow their channel. It offers features like video tutorials, analytics on YouTube channel growth, creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

It can help you with your video marketing strategy, SEO, keyword research, video analytics, social media management, identifying video and channel performance, creating optimized thumbnails, showing videos in more searches, advertising and promoting channels.

How to use VidIQ for your YouTube videos

QuillBot For Paraphraser & Summarizer

Quillbot AI tools for marketing
Source – QuillBot AI tools for marketing

Quillbot is a famous online free AI-powered writing tool that can help you paraphrase, summarize, and improve the clarity of writing. It is available in many languages.

It is a paraphrasing and summarization tool that helps millions of creators and marketers create blog posts, articles, tutorials and guides related to writing improvement, rewriting a sentence, paragraph or article and thus improving your SEO.

Content At Scale For AI Content Detector

Content At scale AI tools for marketing
Source – Content At Scale AI tools for marketing

Today in this AI environment it is hard to find the content you create that is 100% human-written or AI generated for this Content At Scale can help you to find how much the content is human-written and how much AI-written with a score between 0% to 100%.

It’s free and can detect the following types of content: marketing content, academic research content, SEO content, and blog posts. It also suggests improvements.

CMS HubSpot For Free Website Generator

CMS HubSpot AI tools for marketing
Source – CMS HubSpot AI tools for marketing

CMS HubSpot is a free tool that allows you to create a website quickly and easily without coding or technical skills. You can create a website by simply dragging-and-dropping with over 100 pre-built themes.

It also offers a content assistant for writing SEO content, on-page SEO recommendations and the most useful things that you will get are premium web hosting for free based on usage.

CMS HubSpot Demo

OpusClip For Short Video Clips

OpusClip AI tools for marketing
Source – OpusClip AI tools for marketing

These days the trend of short videos is becoming increasingly popular. And this is the best way to promote yourself.

If you make long videos for YouTube and want to make short videos then no worries because OpusClip will help you here. Just upload your video URL and get short videos of it. It uses advanced AI to analyze and select the best parts of a video, and then rearrange them into viral clips.

OpusClip can help you in your marketing journey by getting more views, double followers by just posting short clips on social media.

OpusClip Demo

AI Tools For Marketing Campaigns

AI marketing campaigns use AI tools and methods to help marketers gain customer insights and optimize spend, content, and customer experience.

It can automate marketing tasks, increase team efficiency and encourage creativity, analyze large datasets, predict customer behavior, personalize marketing efforts and data-driven Can get real-time insights to launch.

Here are some AI tools for marketing campaigns:

  • Helps speed up the writing process with generative AI.
  • Helps plan, draft, collaborate, and approve all types of written content. It also helps you schedule and publish social media posts.
  • DALL E: Text-to-image creation tool for customizable, brand-specific images.
  • Gemini AI: Generate ideas, outline presentations, etc.
  • ChatGPT: Conversational AI chatbot for content creation, brainstorming, and market research.
  • Content optimization tool to improve content quality and SEO rankings.
  • An ecommerce advertising tool that leverages AI for ad campaign optimization.
  • Determine the best time and email frequency for each contact based on when they are opening emails.
  • Basic grammar and spell checking to improve writing quality.

AI Tools For Marketing Research

These AI tools can help you in market research, understand your customers better and make informed predictions about sales trends by providing real-time data, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Gemini AI: This is Google’s most advanced AI model, with the help of which you can do research, get ideas and outlines etc.
  • Quantilope: An end-to-end platform that automates quantitative and qualitative research methods for actionable insights and a meaningful view of your consumer.
  • SEMrush Market Explorer: Gain insight into any industry and benchmark yourself against market competitors
  • Latana: Make effective marketing decisions with insight into how your brand is performing in your target market.

AI Tools For Marketing Analytics

These AI tools for marketing analytics can help marketing teams analyze customer data to anticipate customer needs and improve the customer experience.

  • Google Analytics: It is a free web analytics service that collects data from websites and apps to create reports about user behavior.
  • Hootsuite Insights: This uncovers the true power of social media to help you better connect with customers and grow your brand.
  • SEMrush: A marketing analytics platform that helps you improve your online visibility and find marketing insights including keyword analytics, competitor analytics, and more.
  • Ahrefs: It provides insight into website performance through its extensive backlink analysis features, robust competitor analysis and keyword explorer tools, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits.
  • Moz Pro: It helps businesses improve search engine visibility with features like site audit, rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword search tools, keyword explorer, and competitive benchmarking.
  • Crazy Egg: This is a website analytics tool that uses heat maps, scroll maps, and other tools to show how visitors interact with a website.

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Benefits Of Using AI Tools For Marketing

Today as we move forward, technologies are also getting advanced as we see the development of AI technologies. AI is replacing many activities. This can save time, money, workload etc.

There are many benefits of using AI tools in marketing including improving customer experience, data analysis and customer segmentation.

These are the benefits of using AI tools in marketing

  • Data Analysis
  • Increase in ROI
  • Decision making
  • Adaptation
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automation
  • Content Creation
  • Cost and Time Efficiency
  • Customer Segmentation through AI
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Predictive

How Can AI Be Used in Marketing?

If we talk about How AI can be used in marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role in revolutionizing marketing strategies by enhancing customer relationships, personalizing content, and automating tasks. Through tools like chatbots, AI facilitates conversations with customers and schedules demo calls.

Machine learning algorithms analyze data to inform marketers about effective strategies, avoid past mistakes, and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

AI-powered email marketing tools determine optimal timing and content for personalized emails, improving engagement.

Additionally, AI can do all the necessary tasks in just a few seconds that save time, money & hard work. Websites can be optimized for better user experience with AI assistance, while predictive analytics helps predict customer behavior.

Ultimately, AI streamlines decision-making processes, leading to stronger customer relationships, higher campaign ROI, and quicker data-driven decisions.

Free Courses To Learn AI Marketing

The given video will help you how you can start your AI journey in marketing as a beginner. In this video the creator discusses how you can research, create content with AI, email marketing, AI SEO, etc.

Courses to learn AI marketing

These are free and paid courses where you can learn about AI marketing like Coursera and Great Learning offer free courses and Udemy requires you to pay minimum around ₹499.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Coursera
  • AI in Digital Marketing – Great Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing + FREE Chatbot [Paid] – Udemy


Q – What is AI Marketing?

Ans – AI marketing is the process where marketing decisions are automated with the help of AI tools based on data collection, data analysis and additional observations of audience or economic trends.

Q – Should we use AI tools for Marketing?

Ans – Yes, AI tools can be helpful in marketing because they work like an assistant. This can save you time, money and workload. But you shouldn’t depend only on them.

Q – Is AI Good for Marketing?

Ans – Yes, AI can be good for your marketing because it can save time, resources, and improve your marketing campaigns.

Q – Is AI Important in Advertising?

Ans – Yes, AI is important in advertising because it helps marketers automate tasks like lead generation, lead scoring, and customer retention, developing better, more dynamic campaigns that generate sales and boost ROI.

Q – Is AI Marketing Legit?

Ans – Yes, AI marketing is legitimate and is becoming a core capability for modern marketers.

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