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What Is is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the productivity of online meetings by providing a suite of features including Noise Cancellation, Meeting Transcriptions, Note Taking, and Meeting Recording. 

Its AI Noise Cancellation ensures clear communication by removing background noises, voices, and echo from both inbound and outbound calls, and it is compatible with any conferencing app, call center platform, and device.

Krisp also offers AI Meeting Transcriptions for real-time, accurate transcriptions that are easy to edit and share, and ensures these transcriptions are secure and non-intrusive. The AI Note Taker feature saves time by generating automated meeting notes, summaries, and action items, making them easily editable and shareable.

Additionally, Krisp’s Meeting Recording feature captures all meeting details automatically, allowing users to access, download, and share recordings securely stored in the cloud. For call centers, Krisp provides a dedicated transcription solution that includes real-time, on-device transcription, PII redaction, and secure uploads to private clouds.

Krisp’s AI Accent Localization enhances comprehension by adjusting accents in real-time, supporting over 17 dialects, and is especially beneficial for BPOs and call centers with offshore operations.

Krisp caters to various use cases such as individual professionals, freelancers, sales teams, hybrid work environments, professional services, call centers, and enterprise operations, offering tailored solutions to improve communication clarity, capture detailed interactions, and derive actionable insights. Additionally, developers can easily integrate Krisp’s features into their products, with support and API documentation available.

Krisp works seamlessly with popular communication apps like Zoom, Meet, and Teams, acting as an intelligent layer that eliminates background noise and captures all relevant meeting information.

Pricing options include a free tier for occasional users, a Pro plan for teams and frequent meetings at $8 per month, and customized pricing for call centers and enterprises based on volume and terms.

Key Features

  • AI Noise Cancellation: Eliminates background noises, voices, and echo for clear communication.
  • AI Meeting Transcriptions: Provides accurate, real-time transcriptions that are easy to edit and share.
  • AI Note Taker: Automatically generates meeting notes, summaries, and action items that are editable and shareable.
  • Meeting Recording: Records meetings automatically, allowing easy access, downloading, and sharing of recordings.
  • Call Center Transcription: Offers real-time, on-device transcription, PII redaction, and secure uploads for call centers.
  • AI Accent Localization: Adjusts accents in real-time to enhance comprehension, supporting over 17 dialects.
  • Compatibility: Works with any conferencing app, call center platform, headphone, and device.
  • Secure and Private: Ensures all data, transcriptions, and recordings are securely stored in the cloud.
  • Use Cases: Suitable for individuals, freelancers, sales teams, hybrid work, professional services, call centers, and enterprises.
  • Developer Support: Easy integration into other products with comprehensive API documentation and support.

Use Cases

  • Individuals and Freelancers: Enhance professional calls from any location, ensuring clear discussions and efficient review of key points.
  • Sales and Success Teams: Improve client interactions with crystal-clear communication and detailed records of interactions for post-meeting review.
  • Hybrid Work Environments: Facilitate clear team communication regardless of location, promoting accountability with detailed meeting summaries and action items.
  • Professional Services: Conduct consultations with clarity and security, benefiting from comprehensive call transcriptions and actionable insights.
  • Call Centers (BPOs): Boost agent productivity with noise cancellation, accent localization, and secure call transcriptions, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Call Centers (Enterprise): Scale operations efficiently while maintaining customer satisfaction, leveraging noise cancellation and call transcriptions for improved agent performance.
  • Developers: Embed Krisp’s features into products seamlessly to deliver exceptional value, supported by full API documentation and trusted by leading brands.

Pricing pricing
  • Free Tier: Ideal for individuals with occasional calls, offering basic features at no cost.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $8 per month, best suited for teams and frequent meetings, providing access to enhanced features.
  • Custom Pricing for Enterprises: Tailored plans available based on volume and specific business needs, ensuring scalability and comprehensive support. offers flexibility with its pricing to accommodate various user needs, from individual users to large enterprises, ensuring accessibility to its advanced meeting enhancement tools.


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