12 Best AI Tools For Fashion Brands In 2024

Welcome to the future of fashion, a game-changer for online retail, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. With virtual try-on technology powered by AI algorithms and AR/VR, consumers can now visualize clothing items on their unique body shape without ever setting foot in a fitting room.

As always, we suggest you some “Best AI Tools for Fashion Brands” that will help you save time and resources and move forward in the fashion industry.

In this article we suggest you the 12 best AI tools for fashion brands with different features and plans like The New Black for creating original and unique fashion designs faster, CALA for manufacturing and shipping processes, Designoval for transforming human senses and experiences into accessible data, Canva & Fotor for background.

Additionally, we addressed important questions such as how is AI changing the fashion industry? How are fashion brands using AI to help design processes?

Let’s Get Started.

List Of Best AI Tools For Fashion Brands

  1. The New Black
  2. CALA
  3. Designovel
  4. ZMO.AI
  6. YesPlz
  7. Botika

1. The New Black

The New Black AI Tools For Fashion Brand
The New Black AI Tools For Fashion Brands

“The New Black” is an AI-powered tool for designers and brands in the fashion industry.

It facilitates creating original and unique fashion designs faster by leveraging AI technology.

You can quickly express your creative ideas by describing them, or uploading design photos for AI-supported variations.

The platform offers features like converting outfits in photos, creating designs from existing photos, organizing work by collection, AI fashion branding, moodboard generation, store concept generation, and brand USP generation.

It has four pricing plans with 100 credits, 200 credits, 500 credits, and 1000 credits and the plan starts at $8/month and goes up to $65/month.

The New Black AI Features

  • AI Clothing Design Generator
  • AI Runway Model Generator
  • AI Generated Shoes
  • AI Bag Design Generator
  • AI Jewelry Design Generator
  • AI Watch Design Generator
  • Sunglasses Design Generator
  • Virtual Try on Clothes
  • AI Clothes Changer
  • AI Moodboard Generator
  • Edit Facial Details with AI
  • AI Fabric Design Generator
  • AI Similar Design Generator
  • Turn Sketches into AI Designs
  • Fashion Photo Background
  • AI Fashion Brand Logo Generator
  • AI Pantone Colors Finder
  • AI Fashion Style Analyzer
  • AI Store Concept Generator
  • Upscale your Photos in HD
  • AI Fashion Video Generator
  • Image Background AI Remover


Cala AI Tools for fashion brands
Cala AI Tools For Fashion Brands

CALA is a leading fashion platform leveraging AI to revolutionize the design, manufacturing and shipping processes in the fashion industry.

Their AI-powered design tool helps designers generate moodboards, innovative ideas, and seasonal variations of classic products. By employing AI technologies like DALL-E, CALA can create clothes inspired by uploaded images or text prompts, offering a seamless creative process.

As a comprehensive digital platform, CALA integrates design, development, production and logistics, serving diverse brands ranging from established retailers to independent designers.

Their technology enables the design, manufacturing, and shipping of clothing, as well as the transformation of AI-generated images into physical clothing.

CALA’s pricing options include a free plan for creating designs with payment only required for production, as well as an AI Design plan priced at $12 per month.

Cala Features

  • Product Design
  • Global Production
  • Logistics
  • Order History
  • Custom Integrations
  • 3D File Support
  • AI Design
  • Templates & Blacks
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Creative Director

3. Designovel

Designovel AI Tools for Fashion Brands
Designovel AI Tools for Fashion Brands

Designovel AI is a leader in transforming human senses and experiences into accessible data for reliable AI solutions, specializing in trend analysis, market sensing and product/service planning.

By connecting cutting-edge AI to everyday life, it provides innovative insights through fashion trend forecasting and design recommendations.

By adopting 3D technology, Designovel has expanded its capabilities, making operations such as trend recognition, market analysis and product/service planning faster and more cost-effective.

Leveraging core technologies such as metric learning and multimodal embedding, it generates tailored content to meet user needs.

Designovel’s SaaS solution enables users to make big decisions easily and quickly.

Recognized as the Baby Unicorn of 2022, Designovel continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in AI-powered solutions.

Designovel Features

  • Human Experience Transformation
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • Market Sensing
  • Product/Service Planning
  • Fashion Trend Forecasting
  • 3D Technology Integration
  • Affordable & Fast Solutions
  • Core Techniques
  • SaaS Solution
  • Recognized Achievement


ZMO.AI Tools For Fashion Brands
ZMO.AI Tools For Fashion Brands

ZMO.AI is a US-based company that offers AI-powered tools for image creation, editing, and enhancement.

Their AI can create original drawings, modify photos, and even create custom AI models to accelerate artwork creation.

Their tools include object removal, art generation, image editing, and AI-powered generative fill, which analyzes pixels for various aspects like lighting and color for easy image modification.

Their generative fill can quickly fill, modify or remove image components with minimal effort.

Additionally, they offer AI models to display clothes on different models and scenes, allowing customization to match the desired audience.

ZMO.AI offers a free trial with 10 credits and then sells credit packs, with the first price being $59/month, with the cost per image decreasing with volume.

ZMO.AI Features

  • AI Models
  • AI Photo Editor
  • AI Background Changer
  • AI Anime Generator
  • AI Video Generator
  • AI Portrait
  • Magic Remover
  • Image to Image AI
  • AI Art Generator


Pixite AI tools for fashion brands
Pixite AI Tools For Fashion Brands is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enable you to design and order custom clothing.

Using AI technology, you can create personalized designs based on text prompts and select from a variety of unique images for customization.

The platform allows you to tailor your designs by choosing colors, sizes, and styles, resulting in fashion that is truly one-of-a-kind. is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way people engage with digital content, offering a seamless and creative experience for designing custom apparel. Features

  • AI-Generated Designs
  • Fully Unique Images
  • Personalized Design
  • Swift Printing and Delivery

6. YesPlz

YesPlz AI Tool for Fashion Brands
YesPlz AI Tools For Fashion Brands

YesPlz AI is an e-commerce solution focused on fashion, offering personalized product recommendations to help shoppers discover their favorite clothing, shoes, and jewelry styles.

Its AI algorithm is trained on millions of data points and utilizes advanced algorithms to provide hyper-personalized search results.

YesPlz AI also features an Auto Tagging tool for identifying key product attributes from images, as well as a ChatGPT Fashion Stylist for virtual personal shopping assistance.

It has three pricing plans starting at $400/month.

YesPlz AI Tool Features

  • Product Discovery Suite
  • Virtual Mannequin Filter
  • Recommendations
  • ChatGPT Fashion Stylist
  • Deep Product Tagging
  • Enhanced Text Search
  • Personalization

7. Botika

Botika AI Tools For Fashion
Botika AI Tools For Fashion Brands

Botica is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to help online clothing retailers easily create high-quality product photos. Leveraging generative AI technology, Botica transforms existing product images into hyper-realistic visuals, significantly reducing photo production costs for retailers while increasing sales potential.

The platform offers a diverse selection of AI-generated models, free from licensing restrictions, helping retailers choose the right option for their products.

With Botica, retailers can easily customize backgrounds, turn standard studio shots into captivating editorials, and turn home-made photos into professional-grade images that resonate with customers.

Key features include the ability to transform random photos into fashion-forward images, change backgrounds, create lifestyle shots, and edit products with a single click. Botica also markets headless photos with royalty-free models, eliminating image usage rights fees.

Botica’s free plan includes 8 photo credits, additional fees apply for additional usage, starting at $15/month. Users commend the platform for its realistic results, particularly praising the accuracy of the models’ hair and makeup.

Botika AI Tool Features

  • AI-Generated Models
  • Tailored Models
  • New Photos
  • Different Poses
  • Transform Headless Photos into Fashion Photos
  • Change Backgrounds
  • Create Lifestyle Photos
  • Turn Homemade Pictures into Professional Photos
  • Edit Products With a Click
  • Enhance Headless Photos with Royalty-Free Models
  • Cut Image Usage Rights Fees

How Is AI Transforming The Fashion Industry?

AI is revolutionizing the fashion industry by transforming various aspects of the business. From design and marketing to manufacturing and supply chains, AI is streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

AI-powered tools can generate better-selling designs, personalize marketing efforts, optimize production lines, predict demand, manage inventory, and provide personalized recommendations to customers.

Additionally, AI trend forecasting helps designers stay ahead of emerging trends by analyzing vast datasets of fashion-related information.

Overall, companies leveraging AI effectively gain a competitive edge by offering innovative solutions and responding quickly to market changes.

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How Are Fashion Brands Using AI To Help The Design Processes?

Fashion brands are increasingly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to revolutionize the design process.

AI is employed in trend forecasting by analyzing vast data sources, aiding in fabric selection and material innovation, and facilitating virtual prototyping and 3D design.

It also enables personalized design recommendations, pattern generation and optimization, and supply chain optimization. AI-powered design assistants offer valuable insights, while image and style recognition aids in visual search.

Customization and personalization are enhanced, and automated garment fitting improves accuracy.

In retail, AI optimizes layouts and enhances the shopping experience through VR and AR applications.

Overall, integrating AI enhances creativity, efficiency, and sustainability in fashion design, fostering a more data-driven and customer-centric industry.

What Are Some Examples of AI-generated Outfits In The Fashion Industry?

In March 2023, the fashion industry witnessed a groundbreaking collaboration between VFX and AI artist Atara and the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion. Together, they presented the ATARA x FIA Hyper-Realists Meta-Runway, an innovative virtual runway show.

ATARA X FIA Hyper-Realistic Meta-Catwalk

Utilizing generative AI technology, the event showcased hyper-realistic digital models adorned in outfits entirely generated by artificial intelligence. This event marked a significant intersection between technology and fashion, highlighting the potential of AI in shaping the future of the industry. is a platform for emerging AI fashion designers. According to Vogue focuses on human creativity.

How Can AI Be Used To Create Virtual Try-ons In The Fashion Industry?

AI plays a significant role in revolutionizing the fashion industry through virtual try-on technology. By leveraging AI algorithms and AR/VR technology, virtual try-on platforms offer users the ability to visualize clothing items on their unique body shapes without physically trying them on.

AI enables accurate body measurement and mapping, generates virtual models or avatars, simulates clothing behavior, recommends personalized styles, integrates with e-commerce platforms, and gathers user feedback for iterative improvement.

This results in an immersive and personalized virtual try-on experience, enhancing the online shopping journey for consumers and bridging the gap between online and offline retail.

What Are The Best AI Tools For Changing Background?

We all know that in fashion photography, background is an essential element that can make or break a fashion image. A good background can enhance the mood and theme of an image and create a visually pleasing composition. Therefore here we provide 5 best AI tools for changing background.

Fotor – Fotor offers a versatile background remover tool capable of automatically removing backgrounds, including complex ones like logos and signatures. You can also utilize a magic brush tool for manual adjustments, enabling tasks such as removing people from backgrounds, retaining specific parts of an image, and refining background details.

Canva – Canva also offers background remover features. You can also use the Image Eraser to remove specific areas of an image. If Background Remover removes too much or doesn’t remove all that you want, you can use the Erase and Restore options.

Pixlr – Pixlr is an online image editing tool with a photo editor and sharing service. It offers a feature powered by AI for quick and automatic background removal or changing. With just one click, you can remove backgrounds effortlessly, making editing tasks simpler and faster. Plus, it’s free to use!

Vivid AI – Vivid AI is a free AI image generator app available on iOS and Android. It offers a variety of AI tools to create and modify photos.

Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is a popular program for editing pictures and creating graphics. It’s used by artists, designers, photographers, and others to enhance images and make them look professional. You can use it on both Windows and MacOS.


Q – What Is An AI Fashion Model?

Ans – An AI fashion model is a virtual entity created using artificial intelligence and deep learning methods. With generative AI, one can manipulate its appearance, style, and even movement. These models serve as digital canvases to display clothing and accessories, mimicking the role of human models in displaying fashion items.

Q – Best AI Tools For Generate Fashion Images

Ans – Here is the best AI tools for fashion images The New Black, CALA, ZMO.AI, and Botika.

Q – What Are The Best AI Tools for Fashion Industry?

Ans – Here is the best AI tools for fashion industry The New Black, CALA, ZMO.AI, Designovel, YesPlz, and Botika

Q – What are the best AI tools for face-swapping?

Ans – Here are some AI tools for face-swapping include Microsoft Face Swap, Snapchat, Facemagic AI, Pixble

What Tools Do Fashion Designers Use?

Ans – Here are some AI tools that fashion designers use include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Ps,Ai & TUKAcad.

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