8 Best AI Tools To Create Instagram Reels [Free + Paid] In 2024


Nowadays, the trend of short videos is growing and it is one of the best ways to reach a larger audience. If you are looking for AI tools that can help you create short videos or Instagram reels then this article “Best AI Tools To Create Instagram Reels” will help you get ideas & choose the best AI tools.

Here, in this article, we covered the Best AI Tools To Create Instagram Reels including Canva for video & photo editing, where you can create eye-catching Instagram posts, and for video editing with over 6000+ trending Instagram templates.

And many other necessary AI tools like for text-to-video and text-to-audio generators. Here we also suggest text-to-audio generators like &

Additionally, you can learn how you can make AI videos on Instagram with the help of video tutorials. And how you can monetize it and some related questions.

Let’s Get Started…

List Of Best AI Tools To Create Instagram Reels [Free + Paid]

Canva For Instagram
Source – AI Tools to create Instagram reels

Canva is the best free and paid design tool for your Instagram reels where you can edit and create reels for your brands.

You can create Instagram videos, posts, stories, and reels. You can customize your videos/reels with backgrounds, patterns, vectors, images, fonts, colors, text, etc.

It also offers many free templates, stock images, audio and video. And the best thing is that you will get all the essential things in its free version. Its paid plans start at ₹499/month and it gets a 4.7/5 rating. for Instagram
Source – AI tools to create Instagram Reels is one of the best AI tools for your Instagram Reels. There is no problem if you are a beginner, you can create engaging videos/posts quickly and effortlessly using advanced AI technology.

With the help of, you can use engaging Instagram posts to advertise your brand, grow your valuable audience, and interact with them. paid plans start at $19/month which will get you thousands of Instagram post templates, millions of icons, images and graphic elements, and customization. AI tool for Instagram
Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels is a free online video editor AI tool that can create videos for your Instagram. It has over 6000+ trending Instagram templates, filters, and stock images from iStock.

You can create your own AI avatar and use it on the reels.

InVideo’s advanced AI technology lets you generate scripts, scenes, voiceovers, and more from text prompts. You can also add instructions like platform and target audience, and customize the look of the video. paid plans start at $15/month where you will get access to more features like iStock images, background remover, premium media, and can export videos without watermarks.

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Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels is a web-based AI tool for creating videos with AI avatars and voices. It is basically known for its text-to-video and text-to-audio generator.

You can create studio-quality videos/reels with over 160 avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages. Plus you can create your own AI avatar and get 60+ pre-designed templates. paid plans start at $22/month. AI tool to create Instagram reels
Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels is an AI powered tool that turns streams and YouTube videos into highlights. It automatically generates clips from streams/videos on YouTube, Facebook and converts them into Reels, YouTube Shorts.’s AI model is so amazing that it identifies key moments to trigger when you cut highlights. You can cut clips through voice commands during streaming.

It has both free and paid plans and the paid plans start at $19.99/month. AI tool to create Instagram reels
Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels is an AI video generator that can turn one video into 10+ Instagram Reels with AI. You can create Instagram Reels in just three steps – UploadCustomizeGenerate.

It has many features like video editor, subtitles and transcription generator etc.

It has both free and paid plans, in the free version of you will get Vizard Watermark. If you go with the premium plan starting at $16/month you will get premium features and you can export videos in 1080p without watermarks. – AI Voice Generator

ElevenLabs AI tool to create IG reels
Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels is an AI platform best known for its text-to-speech generator. It can convert text into natural and engaging audio in 29 languages and 120 voices.

You can also change your voice from speech to speech. ElevenLabs AI voice generator uses advanced deep learning models to provide high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a wide range of vocal options.

It’s perfect for content creators and writers looking to create captivating audio experiences. It has both free and paid plans and the paid plans are only $1 for the first month. – AI Voice Generator

Micmonster AI tool
Source – AI tools to create Instagram reels

MicMosnter is another cloud-based tool that uses AI to convert text into natural sounding speech within a few seconds. It offers over 600 voices and supports over 140 languages.

MicMonster is best for content creators, YouTubers, creators, teachers, and writers. It has both free and paid plans starting at $39 for three months.

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How Is AI Used In Creating Instagram Reels?

AI can be used in Instagram Reels like the creation and editing of Reels, which includes features like automatic video editing, background music suggestions, and visual effects recommendations powered by AI algorithms.

AI tools can help generate content, templates, music, and animation in Instagram. It can help you get market details like trend analysis, viral videos, audience, location, best time to post, analysis of social media insights, content recommendations, ads, etc.

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How To Start Making AI Videos On Instagram?

This video will help you understand the basics of creating AI videos on Instagram. In this video they show you how the creator created 60 Instagram reels in less than 60 minutes using just 2 simple AI tools.

AI tools to create Instagram reels

Is Instagram Reels Monetized?

Yes, one can earn money from Instagram Reels in India. You can earn money from it through paid partnerships, affiliate links, collaborate with brands on sponsored content etc.

And showing ads on Instagram is currently being tested, as you can read this message from Instagram “Monetizing ads in Instagram profile feed and Reels are currently being tested and are only available to a select group of accounts at this time.”

Additionally “Ads on Instagram Reels gives eligible creators a way to earn money when they allow ads to be placed on their reels. The more monetization-eligible plays you receive on your reels, the more you earn. Instagram will place ads for creators, optimizing for the viewer experience. Ads show at the bottom of the reels content in the form of a single static banner.” 

Before you go, you can read all about Instagram ad monetization.

How To Create Instagram Reels Using AI?

The video by Rachit Singh will help you create Instagram Reels using AI tools. In this video they show how you can use these AI tools to create your own Instagram Reels without showing your face or voice.

How to create Instagram reels using AI

What Is Meta AI On Instagram?

Meta AI on Instagram is a virtual assistant designed to make your Instagram experience more interactive and productive. It can help you with a variety of tasks, from answering questions to creating pictures based on your prompts.

A nice feature of Meta AI is its ability to provide detailed feedback and summaries of search results, especially when used on mobile devices. It’s like having a smart assistant in your Instagram chat, ready to help you whenever you need it.

Meta AI has been trained on 1.1 billion Instagram and Facebook photos, so it has a lot of knowledge to learn. This means it can generate images based on text prompts you give, or even create fun content for your chats.

How To Use Meta AI In Instagram?

This feature currently isn’t available to everyone. Check the Instagram “Help Center” page for latest update about Meta AI.

Are AI Generated Reels Good On Instagram?

Now the question is “Are AI Generated Reels good on Instagram?” It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, if you provide useful ideas/content to users it doesn’t matter how you create it.

Similarly, if you post useful, trendy reels on Instagram, whether you create it manually or use an AI tool. Your post may get more viewers.

What’s The Secret Behind The Latest Viral Instagram Videos?

The secret behind the latest viral Instagram videos often depends on a variety of factors, including engaging content, relatability, timing, and effective use of hashtags.

Creating content that appeals to a wide audience, evokes emotion or provides value is important.


Q – What is the best time to post reels on Instagram in India 2024?

Ans – According to the best time to upload reels on Instagram in India is between 6-9 PM, 12-6 PM.

Q – Is Instagram reels monetized in India?

Ans – Yes, Instagram reels can be monetized by paid partnership, affiliate links, collaborate with brands on sponsored content etc.

Q – Which AI tools is best for video editing?

Ans – & is the best for video editing.

Q – Which AI tools is best for audio generating?

Ans – Elevenlabs & MicMoster is the best for audio generating.

Q – Which AI tools is best for Image generator?

Ans – MidJourney, DALL-E, Canva AI is the best tool for image generator.

Q – Which platform is best for free stock images?

Ans – There are lots of platform that offers free stock images like pixabay, canva, pexels etc.

Q – Which app is better for making Instagram reels?

Ans – There are lots of free apps like InShot, VN Video Editor, KineMaster etc.

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