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Formula Bot

Convert your text into charts, spreadsheets, excel formulas, analysis


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What Is Formula Bot?

FormulaBot is a clever tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make working with spreadsheets and data a breeze. It’s like having a super-smart assistant right inside your Excel or Google Sheets.

With FormulaBot, you can turn plain text instructions into complex formulas, SQL queries, or even code like VBA or Google Apps Scripts. This means you can describe what you need in simple language, and FormulaBot will do the heavy lifting to generate the technical stuff for you.

But FormulaBot isn’t just about formulas and code. It’s also a wizard at data analysis. Just ask it a question about your data, and it’ll whip up insightful charts, tables, and models without you needing to know any fancy coding.

Adding your data is easy too. You can upload it directly or connect to various data sources to gather everything you need. Then, you can chat with FormulaBot to transform your text into meaningful insights, all without needing to dive into complex programming languages.

And the best part? FormulaBot comes with different pricing tiers to suit your needs, from a free forever plan to more advanced options for power users. Whether you’re a financial analyst, marketing whiz, student, or small business owner, FormulaBot has something for everyone.

So if you want to automate boring tasks, analyze data like a pro, and save time and effort in your spreadsheet adventures, give FormulaBot a try. It’s like having a genius AI sidekick right at your fingertips!

Key Features

Formula Bot Generator

Convert your text into spreadsheet formulas, code and more – Excel formulas, SQL queries, VBA, Google Apps Scripts, regex and more

  • Excel Formula Generator: Generate or receive explanations for formulas in Excel and Google Sheets directly in your spreadsheets.
  • SQL Query Generator: Create SQL queries or get clarifications for any database syntax.
  • Spreadsheet Generator: Convert your PDF or text into a spreadsheet.


Analyze your data through a simple conversation – Simply type your question and AI will generate insights, charts, tables and more.

  • Add your data: Upload, connect and combine your data across multiple data Chat with sources.
  • Chat with your data: Translate text into charts, analysis, tables, advanced models and more. No coding needed!


Automate boring tasks with the help of AI in your spreadsheets – It’s like have ChatGPT directly inside your spreadsheets

  • Sentiment Analysis: Categorizing the sentiment of text, like product reviews or social media comments.
  • Text Classification: Classify information into their own respective groups for more organized & structured data.

Use Cases

  • Financial Analysts
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Students and Educators
  • Small & Medium-Sized Business
  • Uncommon Use Cases


FormulaBot pricing
  • Free Forever – $0/month
  • Lite – $9/month
  • Pro – $15/month
  • Premium – $30/month

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