Top 5 Free AI Tools For Coding Assistant In 2024

As we are moving towards the latest technology, we are moving towards an automated world where the work should be done at a click of the fingers.

Here, in this article, we have covered the top 5 free AI tools for coding assistant in 2024, where you can choose your best practice.

These AI tools for coding provide you with many benefits, revolutionizing the way you write, debug and optimize code like Codium which combines artificial and human intelligence to revolutionize code integrity and testing AskCodi increases your productivity by providing quick response and support.

Additionally, we covered how these AI tools are helpful to you, the future of coding and what tools you need to start coding and some other related questions.

Let’s Get Started…

List Of Top 5 Free AI Tools For Coding Assistant In 2024

  • Codium
  • Tabnine
  • AskCodi
  • Codiga
  • Codeium

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Codium AI tool for coding
Source – Codium AI tools for coding assistant

Codium AI is an innovative tool that combines artificial and human intelligence to revolutionize code integrity and testing. It operates at the class level, producing comprehensive test suites for Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript code.

With its integration into IDEs and Git platforms, you receive small and non-trivial suggestions directly, increasing productivity and confidence in code quality. It also offers a free plan with an excellent user rating of 4.9 out of 5.

FunctionalityCodium AI is a tool that helps you improve code integrity, generate tests, and increase productivity. It uses artificial and human intelligence to create a new code integrity paradigm.
Test GenerationWorks at the class level to generate a comprehensive suite of tests that go beyond individual functions.
IntegrationProvides suggestions directly within the IDE or Git platform for both trivial and non-trivial changes.
Supported LanguagesWorks with Python, JavaScript (JS), or TypeScript (TS) code.
Github IntegrationAI-powered plugin for Github that reviews pull requests.
Benefits– Code Smart: Provides visibility on code behavior and its impact on the rest of the codebase.
– Create Value: Saves time on writing test cases, enabling more focus on developing features.
– Stay Confident: Provides meaningful tests, ensuring code functionality rather than just meeting coverage quotas.
Bug ReportingBugs can be reported via email (, Discord, or by opening a GitHub issue.
PricingFree plan available.
Star Rating4.9/5
Codium AI tools for coding assistant


Tabnine AI tool for coding assistant
Source – Tabnine AI tools for coding assistant

Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion assistant designed to accelerate coding tasks in various programming languages.

Compatible with languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript, and it provides real-time suggestions and intelligent completions to increase productivity and reduce errors.

Built on open-source code with a permissive license, Tabnine offers a free plan and boasts a user rating of 4.1 out of 5.

FunctionalityTabnine is an AI-powered code completion assistant that helps you write code faster and more efficiently.
CompatibilityCompatible with multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and Rust.
Code CompletionsProvides real-time code completions to enhance coding speed and reduce errors. Also offers intelligent code completions and suggestions.
Training DataTrained on open-source code with permissive licenses, including MIT, MIT-0, Apache-2.0, BSD-2-Clause, BSD-3-Clause, Unlicense, CC0-1.0, CC-BY-3.0, CC-BY-4.0, RSA-MD, 0BSD, WTFPL, and ISC.
PricingFree plan available.
Star Rating4.1/5
Tabnine AI tools for coding assistant


Askcodi top free ai tools for coding assistant in 2024
Source – AskCodi AI tools for coding assistant

AskCodi is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance your productivity by providing instant feedback and support during the coding process.

It features a seamless chat interface, Jupyter-style notebooks, AI-powered extensions, language translation, support for multiple programming languages, quick code suggestions, and offers a free plan with a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

FunctionalityAskCodi is an AI-powered tool that provides live chat service for you to share code and get instant feedback.
EfficiencyCrafted to amplify efficiency by simplifying complex coding tasks into manageable processes.
ProductivityHelps developers increase productivity, efficiency, and focus in various areas including frontend/backend programming, documentation, and test creation.
Features– Codi Chat: Seamless AI-powered chat for code conversations.
– Workbooks: Jupyter Style Notebooks for endless possibilities.
– Codi Integrations: AI-powered extensions.
– Translate: Effortless translation between programming languages. – Languages: Seamless support for all major programming languages.
– Quick Suggestions: Speed up coding process with quick code suggestions.
PricingFree plan available.
Star Rating4.5/5
AskCodi AI tools for coding assistant


codiga top ai tools for coding assistant in 2024
Source – Codiga AI tools for Coding Assistant

Codiga is an AI-powered static code analysis tool designed to enhance code quality and safety for you. It offers customizable static code analysis, automated reviews, and security analysis.

Compatible with various development environments like VisualStudio, JetBrains, and more, Codiga detects vulnerabilities, violations, and duplicates across over 10 programming languages.

You can utilize pre-defined rules from the Codiga Hub or create custom analysis rules in just 5 minutes. Free plans are available, with a stellar rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

FunctionalityCodiga is an AI-powered static code analysis tool designed to help you write safer and better code.
Static Code AnalysisOffers customizable static code analysis, automated code reviews, and secure code analysis.
CompatibilityCan be used in any development environment, including VisualStudio, JetBrains, VS Code, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.
Automated ReviewsAutomates code reviews on GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket, detecting security vulnerabilities, violations, and duplicates.
Rule CustomizationYou can utilize rules from the Codiga Hub or design their own static code analysis rules within 5 minutes.
Supported LanguagesSupports more than 10 programming languages for analysis.
PricingFree plans available.
Star Rating4.6/5
Codiga AI tools for Coding Assistant


Codeium free AI tools for coding assistant in 2024
Source – Codeium AI tools for coding assistant

Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit that aims to boost developers’ coding speed and efficiency. It provides autocomplete, search, and generative code features, accessible on all popular IDEs.

With models trained in over 70 programming languages and integrated into over 40 editors, Codeium enables lightning-fast autocomplete and code generation, helping you ship products faster. It offers a free plan and boasts a high user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

FunctionalityCodeium is a free AI-powered toolkit designed to help you write code faster and more efficiently.
FeaturesOffers autocomplete, search, and generative code functionalities to streamline coding tasks.
CompatibilityAvailable on all Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
AutocompleteProvides unlimited autocomplete suggestions across 70+ programming languages and 40+ editors.
Generative CodeGenerates code to save time and expedite product development processes.
Next-Generation AILeverages next-generation AI technology to enhance coding experience.
Free PlanFree plan available.
Star Rating4.5/5
Codeium AI tools for coding assistant

How Are AI Tools Helpful For Coders?

AI tools provide significant benefits to coders, aiding in various aspects of development. They streamline tasks like code generation, review and refactoring, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, these tools improve code quality by providing real-time suggestions and identifying potential issues, including bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, they aid in advanced problem solving and innovation, facilitating learning and skill development.

By automating repetitive tasks, AI tools free up time for developers to focus on more creative and higher-value activities.

Is Programming A Good Career For The Future?

Yes! Programming is an excellent career option for the future due to the increasing demand and innumerable opportunities for specialization.

With approximately 9,700 annual job vacancies estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a below-average unemployment rate, the area offers stability.

Programmers play a vital role in a variety of industries, designing software systems using coding languages and enjoying flexibility in their career path.

Key roles in the industry include Cloud Solutions Architects, Machine Learning Engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, Data Scientists, and Backend Developers.

To remain relevant, programmers must continuously adopt emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, quantum computing, and low-code/no-code platforms.

Overall, coding presents a future-proof career path with ample growth prospects in various fields.

What Tools Do I Need To Start Coding?

To start coding, you’ll need a computer with specific specifications such as an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 256 GB solid-state drive, and official Linux support. A quality keyboard is also essential for comfortable coding sessions.

Additionally, you can utilize various resources to learn coding:

Codecademy: A popular platform offering beginner-friendly tutorials on coding languages like HTML and Java.

Khan Academy: Known for its free resources, Khan Academy provides coding material and tutorials suitable for all ages.

Visual Studio Code: A versatile, free coding editor supporting multiple languages such as Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript.

Codewars: An interactive website offering diverse programming challenges ideal for beginners looking to enhance their coding skills.

Sololearn: A platform designed to assist newcomers in starting their coding journey with accessible tutorials.

Sublime Text: A recommended text editor for beginners in programming, often featured in various tutorials.

FreeCodeCamp: An online platform offering a structured curriculum for beginners, providing free coding resources and guidance.

With these tools and resources, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your coding journey and develop your programming skills effectively.

How AI Tools Be Used As An Assistant To Programmers To Write Better Code?

AI coding assistants are software tools that utilize artificial intelligence to aid developers in writing code more efficiently and effectively. These tools offer a range of features to enhance the coding process:

  1. Automated Code Generation: AI can generate code snippets or entire functions based on provided requirements, saving time and effort.
  2. Code Completion and Suggestions: Intelligent code editors offer context-based suggestions for code completion, reducing manual typing and potential errors.
  3. Code Optimization: AI analyzes code to identify inefficiencies and provides suggestions for optimization, improving performance and readability.
  4. Predictive Analysis: By analyzing coding patterns and project requirements, AI predicts potential future issues or requirements, aiding in proactive problem-solving.
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Interfaces: NLP interfaces allow programmers to interact with code using natural language, simplifying tasks like code exploration and documentation lookup.
  6. Code Refactoring: AI suggests improvements for code organization and structure, enhancing maintainability and readability.
  7. Code Reviews and Collaboration: AI automates code reviews, suggesting improvements and ensuring adherence to coding standards. It also facilitates collaboration among team members.
  8. Bug Detection and Debugging: AI identifies bugs and potential errors in code, aiding in debugging and providing insights into root causes.

Overall, AI coding assistants streamline workflows, improve code quality, and enable programmers to focus on solving complex problems.


Q – What Is Coding?

Ans – Coding, also known as computer programming, is the process of instructing computers through a set of commands. It enables humans to communicate with machines, allowing them to perform specific tasks.

Q – What is The Best AI Tools For Coding?

Ans – AI coding tools can help you write code more efficiently and accurately. Here are some of the best AI coding tools: Codium, Tabnine, AskCodi, Codiga, Codeium.

Q – Can We Do Coding With The Help Of AI?

Ans – Yes! AI tools can help you with code creation, review, and refactoring, increasing efficiency and productivity. Also fix bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Q – Is It Bad To Use An AI Code Generator For Beginner?

Ans – Using AI code generators as a beginner is not recommended as it prevents you from learning and understanding the coding process. Relying on such tools can hinder your growth as a programmer, regardless of your experience level. It is important to focus on learning how things are done and understand the concepts behind them.

Q – Will AI Replace Developers And Coding?

Ans – AI will not completely replace developers and coding. While it can automate repetitive tasks like writing code templates and debugging, human programmers bring creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of user needs that AI lacks. There remains a demand for developers, especially to integrate AI into workflows.

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